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Ithillian Turambar

[Game Over] Scrabble at the BT - Blue Team Wins!

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Yes, yes, it has been a great game. 


Maybe a penalty for missing the time could be put into place instead of missing your whole turn? 

Although, that does seem the best way to do it. Can't think of another way atm. 

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Maybe you should make sure you don't miss your turn Monkey Boy!


Green Team's Word: Nikon - Oi - 4 points




The Final Tile has been placed and the Blue Team have won! Congratulations :smile:


But the Green Team put up a stirling performance with the Highest Scoring Word and Highest Individual Scores both being awarded to their Team Members.


Winning Team - the Blue Team

Highest individual single word score - Nikon

Top three individual overall scores - Eddie, Turin & Nikon


I will do the final Board image and sort out the points a bit later. As usual I am Laptopically Challenged.


I'm glad you had a good time playing though.


Game Over


Eddie - you may post your sign ups :)

Edited by Ithillian

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Thank you :)


and now Points!


Turin - 20
Cindy - 15
Basel - 15
Panchi - 15
Sorcha - 15
Smiley - 15
Maw - 15
Ayla - 15
John Snow - 15

Time - 10
Kronos -10
Tina - 10
Elaevia - 10
Eddie - 15
RTE - 10
Cyan - 10
Nikon - 20


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Yea, both teams missed multiple turns, but I *think* we missed a couple more. It didn't hurt in the long run compared to y'all using all the letters twice. 

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