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General Information - START HERE!!

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The following are links to the posts below so that you can quickly find the information you require. All posts have been updated November 2017 following the upgrade to DM9.



1. Introduction to DM9 and these Boards


2. DR PSW Staff List


3. Common Abbreviations & Their Meanings


4. Signature & Avatar Rules - *UPDATED November 2017*

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As many of you will be aware, this version (DM 9) of Dragonmount is all shiny and new. Whilst we hope that everything is running smoothly, forums usually manage to throw up a few glitches here and there.

General DM problems can be reported on the DM 9 Bug Reports and FAQs board HERE. Check the rules for starting new topics first and avoid creating multiple threads on one problem. You'll often find somebody else has already asked about / reported what you want to know.

Any issues relating to your RP usergroups, board permissions or other PSW specific items (such as broken info links) can be reported to the RP Staff, (Kathleen and Cass), who will either resolve them or pass them along to your friendly neighbourhood DRPSW RP Admin (that'd be me) to deal with. Alternatively, you can email us direct. Our contact details are on the Staff list which is the next post in this thread.

Two points to be aware of:

i) Usergroups are tidied up regularly. Anyone inactive for 3 months or more is removed from the PSW membership. If you find you don't have access to certain boards, this may be why. You'll need to contact an RGL and/or re-sign up for your RP Group.

ii) General DM Members can read the IC RP boards. They can't start or reply to RP's. In order to role play there you must be a member of at least one RP Group and be added to its usergroup. It's also a pre-requisite that you have an approved and CC'd bio.





The Welcome Inn's name speaks for itself. This is where we welcome people... shocker huh? :laugh: Please only post on this board if you're a new member posting an introduction, a returning member saying hello, or if you are posting a welcome to a new member.

The secondary purpose of this board is to provide you with a comprehensive set of pinned information topics.


All of the basic details you're likely to need to know to get started are here, whether it's how to submit a bio, where to find the Old Tongue Dictionary or how you can see the Histories for our RP Groups. In addition, I will post announcements that are PSW wide, for example; job vacancies, new Staff appointments, news relating to your use of DM or changes to the workings of the PSW. You should also sign the DM Code of Conduct thread and the general PSW Roll Call on this board.

Any RP Group announcements/news, requests for help, general chat or posts regarding LOAs should be posted on the Discussion and Planning board, NOT this one.

Thanks for complying and helping us to keep things organised. :smile:






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You can contact a Staff member to help you with any enquiries you may have. It is really very easy to get started and if you have any questions, Staff will be keen to help you out. Please try to contact the most relevant Staff member e.g. a bio query should be directed to the Bio email.

DRPSW RP Admin: Taymist

Role Play Group Leaders (RP RGL's): Kathleen (Tar Valon) and Cass (The Alliance) Vacant (Freelanders)

Role Play Assistant Group Leaders (RP AGL's): Chaelca (White Tower) and _Kynwric_ (Warders)


Turnings of the Wheel RP: Revolution One Moderator: Taymist
Contact Email: TurningsRP@dragonmount.com



Role Play Group Emails


The Alliance - Band of the Red Hand, Black Tower & Wolfkin
Contact Email: BotrHDiv@dragonmount.com

Freelanders - Freebooters, Children of the Light, Congress of the Shadow, Aiel, Sea Folk, Seanchan, Ogier, The Kin & Tuatha'an
Contact Email: CotLDiv@dragonmount.com

Tar Valon - White Tower & Warders
Contact Email: WTDiv@dragonmount.com

Bio Submission

(Bio emails should be clearly marked in the Subject field with the RP Group name and the character name e.g. Wolfkin Bio for *insert character name*)

All bios should now be sent to Bios@dragonmount.com.





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Please note: This list is not exhaustive. It is simply a general guide to some of the most commonly used abbreviations on Dragonmount and within the PSW.

- Administrator. There is 1 RP Admin whom the PSW Staff are directly answerable to. The Social Groups also have their own Admin/s. All Admins have site wide authority.
AGL - Assistant Role Play Group Leader
AoL - Age of Legends
AS - Aes Sedai and/or Amyrlin Seat
Bio - Biography (history/background of any character)
BotRH - Band of the Red Hand
BT - Black Tower
CC'd - Cross Checked. This happens when a Bio Checker from a RP Group other than your own double checks your bio and confirms the approval of your own RP Group's Bio Checker. It's a safety net to ensure as few inconsistencies as possible fall through the net.
CotL - Children of the Light
CotS - Congress of the Shadow
DM - Dragonmount
DRPSW - Dragon Reborn Portal Stone World
DS - Dream Score
ES - Experience Score
FL - Freelanders (all the people with no specific home, such as merchants or nobles along with the smaller Guilds like The Kin, Ogier or Sea Folk)
IC - In Character
MAA - Master At Arms
Mod - Moderator. Usually has responsibility for a specific board or set of boards such as the Book Discussion Mods or the ToW Mod.
MoN - Mistress of Novices
NPC's (Non Player Character) - This refers to characters that do not require a bio and are only used to pad out an RP. By padding out I mean something along the lines of innkeepers/stable boys/merchants.... incidental people. There is no growth of these characters, they simply fulfill a purpose. Example, Bob (a PC) goes into an inn in Tar Valon and talks to the innkeeper, asking how to get an audience with the Amyrlin. The innkeeper replies and once the PC has the info he wants, the innkeeper's part is over.
NSW (Non Specific Writer) - This refers to those characters/positions where continuity is required, and as such are owned by the RP Groups (not the bio author). As an example I would use the Ajah Heads in the WT, the Queen of Manetheren and the MAA of the Warders. Such positions will require a bio that is approved by the Admins and there is no time limit on how long this character can be RP'd. They can also be played by anyone the RGL stipulates, although often they can be played by the same person for long periods. NSW and TTPC characters should always be filled by members of that RP Group and not by members of another RP Group. 
OOC - Out of Character, i.e. posting as yourself
PC (Player Character) - This refers to the players' own personal characters. The players have full authority, within their RP Group's rules, over these characters. These bios need a bio approval by their RP Group's Bio Checker, and a CC from another RP Group (sometimes a specific RP Group when it heavily involves another RP Group's customs or history).
PotD - People of the Dragon
RGL - Role Play Group Leader
RJ - Robert Jordan
RP - Role Play (other variations: RPd, RPing, RPer)
SC - Seanchan
SG - Social Group
SGL - Social Group Leader
ToW - Turnings of the Wheel. DM's open RP board which is not restricted to WoT topics.
TTPC (Temporary Third Party Character) - This refers to characters that are created for specific RPs only but still require a bio. It will be the responsibility of the Bio Checker/RGL to monitor the people playing these characters, and to make sure they abide by the time limits (start and end date) that they have advised the Staff of in the bio for this character. Any deviation from the finish date, that is not authorised by Staff, should result in the player no longer being allowed to play a character.
TV - Tar Valon
WK - Wolfkin
WoT - Wheel of Time
WS - Weapon Score
WT - White Tower
WY - Warders' Yard


You may also see or hear references to Orgs (Organisations) and OLs or to Divs (Divisions) and DLs. These were the old names for the Social Groups, RP Groups and their Leaders respectively.)

The Books

EotW - The Eye of the World
TGH - The Great Hunt
TDR - The Dragon Reborn
TSR - The Shadow Rising
FH - The Fires of Heaven
LoC - Lord of Chaos
aCoS - A Crown of Swords
PoD - The Path of Daggers
WH - Winter's Heart
CoT - Crossroads of Twilight
KoD - Knife of Dreams
TGS - The Gathering Storm

ToM - Towers of Midnight

AMoL - A Memory of Light

NS - New Spring

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Signature and Avatar Requests

Check out the Sig Requests and Sig Auctions boards. You can either post a request for someone to make you one to order, or enter the free auctions to win a design which will then be customised with your words.


Signature Rules

1. The board software now automatically ensures rules are complied with.
2. No links may be included. This is a spam prevention measure.
3. Signature Pictures may be of the following dimentions: 600x150.
4. Signature Pictures should contain no copyrighted material with out express permission from the artist.
5. If you use a Signature Picture and Text, you may have no more than 2 lines of text in addition to your picture.

Avatar Rules

1. You can choose from our many avatars in our gallery with out punity.
2. If you choose to link your avatar from your own site they must be no larger than 100x100.
3. Avatars should contain no copyrighted material with out express permission from the artist.

Avatar Gallery available

1. If you would like to use a pre-made avatar for these forums, please click on the link to edit your profile, and then click "Show Gallery" (near the bottom of the page)

2. You can select from several categories of avatars.

Please read announcement threads and stickys before posting on any board.

If you see someone who's signature or avatar breaks these guidelines, please GENTLY remind them of the rules. If they don't change it, contact an Admin.

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