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Approved NSW Aiel: Sovin'Nai Society Leader: Daird


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Name: Daird

Age: 47

Eyes: Dark green

Hair: Red with streaks of gray



Description: Daird has the trim build of an Aielman who has spent the better part of four decades running from hold to hold in the Three-fold Land. He bears many scars, some visible, others hidden. He displays the same sense of humor that is common among Aielmen, but he does not let it overcome his senses, especially when in serious situations. He is the current Society Leader of the Sovin Nai, having inherited the position a few years ago. As such, he bears the markings of a Sovin Nai warrior, as well as the markings for a Sovin Nai Society Leader.




Daird was raised by a blacksmith and his wife, his proud adoptive parents. His mother was Far Dareis Mai, and as was customary for such a child as Daird, he was given away to be raised by adoptive parents. Growing up as a typical Aiel boy meant that his days were spent playing at spears with other boys and girls his age.


It was only at the age of sixteen that Daird's life became different from that of every other Aiel child: that was the age at which he set his path in stone. Coming to the society house of the Sovin Nai, the Knife Hands, Daird knelt at the threshold and requested to become one of them.


The training of a Sovin Nai is an arduous task, one that leaves any man who dares to try it wondering whether or not he has made the right decision. Like those who had come before him, however, Daird survived his training. By the time of his initiation, he displayed enviable ability in all areas of training, and his initiation was successful.


It was not Daird's lack of leadership ability that caused him to remain among the rank and file of the Sovin Nai, but the quality of new blood. A couple years after his initiation, the leadership of the Sovin Nai was passed to Txarki, a wise man who led the Sovin Nai well for some time. It was with Txarki at their head that the Sovin Nai left the Three-fold Land in search of the Car'a'carn. Their quest took them all the way to the western coast of the Wetlands, where they fought the strange men from across the sea. Daird saw the battle in the sky, saw the man who must have been the Car'a'carn fighting a cloaked man with fiery eyes.


The Sovin Nai found themselves crossing the Wetlands once again, this time to the southern city of Tear. The Car'a'carn had traveled that way, and it was their duty to seek him out. The fall of the Stone of Tear was one of the proudest moments of Daird's life. He and the other Sovin Nai had celebrated with  large quantities of the Sovin Nai oosquai, which had held the reputation of being the best in the Three-fold Land.


The celebration was short-lived, however, and the Sovin Nai were called back to the hold when word  came that Txarki had been chosen to be the next Clan Leader. The loss was blunted by the raising of Txarki's Second, Argono, to the rank of Society Leader. By the time these events had come to pass, the Car'a'carn had called the Aiel to Alcair Dal to formally proclaim himself.


The revelations of Alcair Dal nearly destroyed Daird. Learning the truth of the Aiel's betrayal of their oaths in the Age of Legends left the proud Daird nearly catatonic with guilt. He was an  oathbreaker. His entire way of life was entirely against the ways of his people in ages past. There were several days where Daird found himself holding a knife to his wrist, unable to remember how it had gotten there. Surely this toh that he had was beyond any simple act of penance that he could perform.


It was months before Daird could bring himself to touch a spear again. However, he soon fell into the old rhythms of the dance, finding himself fighting for the belief that, if his forefathers had broken their ancient oaths, he could help to bring the world to a place where the Aiel could put up their spears and once again follow the Way of the Leaf the way their ancestors did.


It was shortly after this personal epiphany that the Sovin Nai were once again called to the hold. Unknown to all in the society, Argono had fallen ill, and instead of burdening the society with an ailing leader, he stepped down and gave the position to his Second, Krachend.


Some time later, Daird was part of a group hunting a raiding party that had made off with several goats. They were interrupted in their search by a grisly discovery: eleven bodies laid out in the sand. The leader of the tracking party circled the scene, looking carefully at the tracks in the dust, relaying the scene as he did so. It was then that Daird saw the twin blades that had named his society and that had been wielded by one man. “Look,” he said, pointing to the blades, “it's Sovin Nai.”



Krachend, the Society Leader of the Sovin Nai, was dead.


It was odd, but Krachend's Second refused leadership of the society, so it fell to a group decision. It was with great shock that Daird received the news that he had been selected to take Krachend's place.


It was Daird who would become the Society Leader of the Sovin Nai.

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