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Star Wars Theme Week - Pictophone sign-ups

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Welcome to the Star Wars Pictophone Game! (proudly sponsored by the Warders guild©)




You sign in here to play the game, the sign ups will run for 1 day. I will start the game this time tomorrow.


- I will PM the first player something Star Wars related, a word or two, and they have to draw it.

- I'll then send it on to the next player, who has to guess what the picture player one drew illustrates.

- I'll then send the second person's then sends their guess on to the 3rd person, who has to draw a picture of the guess... etc... rinse and repeat... and so on.

- We'll go through all the participants, the last person will send me their final outcome and I'll post it here together with the starting words, lets see what we get :wink:


Signed up (Game 1):











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Right, game one has started!


NOTE: Please post your guess/picture on to the next person in line, Kronos to Tyler, Tyler to Misheru... etc... And remember, NO CLUES! :wink:

I won't have enough time at the 'puter to send them out individually.


ATTN Tamerya: Once you make your guess, could you please send it to me via PM, or post it here, either one. Thanks

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I sent out my picture today, I'm not sure if we're split into teams or if it's one word/phrase that is gonna do the round to everyone.

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No teams.. it's exactly like the old game "telephone" where everyone would sit in a circle and you'd whisper a word to the person beside you, then they'd whisper to the next..and by the time it gets to the first person it's changed big time.. from "fire" to "crazy" or something silly like that... this is the exact same, but with pictures! :)

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I know how it works, it's just in the other two I've been in the last couple of months the players have been split into team.


And my resending has gotten delayed, since I assumed that what was in the OP was right and that Matrim would send it on, but apparantly that was my responsobility.

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