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I found Moiraine's bedroom!

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*giggles* I don't know how many of you remember, but in New Spring, when Moiraine and Siuan has just been raised, they're lead to their new rooms in the Blue quarters. And Anayia had been in charge of decorating their rooms and everything was drowning in lace. I found that room! :laugh:




Even the frills have frills!

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So years ago, when Maria was the Head of the Blues, she came out from Norway for Dragon*Con and stayed at my house for a few days. One of the spare bedrooms is this really obnoxious shade of blue, because it belonged to a teenage girl before we bought the house. I thought it would be funny to set it up as her guest bedroom, so I found every single blue decorative object we had at the time and put it in there. Blue candles, bed spread, soap, lamps, etc. And since it was Mia, I also put all my Harry Potter books on the bookshelf. So when she got here, I proudly showed her the room, then apologized for the lack of "frothy lace". She gave me a funny look, but told me the room was fine. Jimmy made a joke about too, and he just got a funny look too. I was a little disappointed, but as my husband is fond of saying, my jokes are usually funny only to me. 


Months later, she finally read New Spring, and jumped on gtalk and was all "I finally figured out what you two were talking about!" and we had a good laugh together. Finally. 

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*sets Nya down in a chair and puts a lovely new bonnet on her.  The bonnet is an attractive yellow color and frames Nya's adorable face with layer upon layer of frothy white lace*


Awwwwww . . . don't you look just lovely?!!!!!  :wub:

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