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National Women's History Month: Tina, Ithi, and Turin


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So, we're here to celebrate National Women's History Month.

And in case you didn't notice, we have some pretty amazing women here at the Black Tower.

This is definitely the month to appreciate them and recognize what they have done for this amazing Group.

Tina - I remember when we were both Storm Leaders under TMD, and I was just too busy and not posting a whole lot on DM. You REALLY stepped up and started invigorating the Shadow with some amazing ideas and great skills. As corny as this sounds, I am so proud of what you have done for this Group, and happy to call you our Social Group Leader. :smile:

Ithi - You bring with you a host of ideas and games where ever you go, and I know I am certainly glad that you call the Black Tower home. You are helped to bring new games and activities to this group, and really helped bring even more activity and organization to the Shadow. You are an amazing asset, as well, and I'm glad you're a part of this Group.

Turin - You go, girl. :wub:

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Also, in general, this Group has some pretty damn amazing women. Not just the ones in Staff.

Y'all might not see Katelyn on here very often, but she is an amazing and strong woman. This semester, she is finishing up school and doing an internship. She is smart, funny, sassy, very sassy, beautiful, and did I mention sassy?

Yea, she's a total Mama Jama. :wub:

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I think Tina has done so many amazing things for this Social Group. She has really ignited the interest and activity levels. And she is always so warm, friendly, involved and approachable. I think we are really lucky to have her as our SGL.


Nya, Cyan and Ayla are all people guaranteed to make you feel better. Not a day goes past without one of them doing something that makes me smile - even when I'm having a really horrible day.

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Because Turin is a strong and capable woman who don't need no man! But yea, I meant the rest. :smile:

Because Eddie couldn't take it being so kind about anything without taking a shot at someone. But he has one thing straight, I need no man to make it in this world.( Eddie used his inner city double negative for emphasis)  

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