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Yoohooo Stormleaders!


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Hihi Stormleaders :) *lays compulsion on them the second they enter the thread and steers them towards a table full of food* Here sit and eat, lots of nommy food. 


Be sure to try the mushrooms over there. Yes the pink ones. They're quite delicious. They taste like fur? Nonsense! They're premium quality :nodnod: I should have them? No no thank you, I value staying blue and alienish thank you very much :) *waits till they're all finished eating then hands them some drinks* 

Oh dear Nya your looking rather pink! Ithi, are those wings? Pank my what a lovely mane! Uhhh are you ok TRL? Your green…..that's not supposed to happen…..how many of those mushrooms did you eat again? Oh ok well that would explain it. Erm well your….condition might last a while then :rolleyes: The rest of you should go back to humanish in hmmm three to five weeks. :) Would you like a picture to remember this? I would think so. Lets see….. *pulls out her notepad and draws pictures of them*


Panklooksgoodinpurple :



Nyaisblond? :O :



TRLwhohadtwomanymushrooms :



AnotsohappyIthi :



Lovely, absolutely lovely :happy: The oats are in the barrel over there, and carrots in the kitchen :wink:


*skiddaddles before the return to human form*

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If Ithi is any kind of a Pony at least get it right.



*channels air to hold Cyan in place and then more air force feeds her some of the "special" mushrooms* then she becomes...




Whoops! those must have been the wrong ones. Oh well,


*Dumps Zombie Pinkie Pie Cyan into a nearby stasis box for Ithi to deal with*



Ithi :wub: would you like me to try find an antidote?

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*Gallops into the Thread*


Now now Turin, evilness like this deserves to be rewarded :dry:


*Opens the stasis box and lets Cyan out*


Well done Cyan :baalzamon:



To reward you, I'm going to give you an all expenses paid Round the World Trip!!


But first ... have a cookie ... No, I insist.






*Weaves Air to hold Cyan's mouth open and pops the cookie into it*



Shouldn't take too long ...


*watches as Cyan slowly transforms into Pink Turtle!!*




*Opens the first Gateway and shoves her through*




*Sending her to Tibet for the first leg of her trip*



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Oooo I've always wanted to travel! :D


Cookie! Yellow cookie. Yellow....turtle....cookie....... *gulps*


*pinkturtlewobbles down the riverbank and hops in and drowns*


Bah! Since when can't I swim in turtle form!? Iiiiithi what did you put in that cookie?

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Only problem is I can't surf. But oh hey a car! I can drive about as well as I can surf, so lets see how far I can go without crashing. If I manage to crash into anyone....oh well will just teach them to keep out of my way next time :) *jumps in and steps on the gas* Oh bother I'm too short to see out the window while still pressing on the peddle. BLIND DRIVING! :D


*wonders when Ithi will start to feel the effects of the forkroot she sliped in the drinks*

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You don't know who you are? That's very disturbing. Perhaps you should go somewhere where you can find yourself?




*Rolls Pink Turtle through the next Gateway to Japan*


There, nice and peaceful.


Repeat after me Ommmmmmmmmmmmm oooooohhhhhh mmmmyyyyyyyyy Greeeeeeaaaaaaaaat Lllloooooooorrrrrrrdd, Iiiiii'mmmmmm aaaaa Piiiiinnnnnnnkkkkkk Tuuuuuuuurtlllllllleeeeeeeee Ommmmmmmmmmmmm



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I woke up one morning married to a pineapple. She was an ugly pineapple *wistfulsigh* but I loved her <3 

:O I need to find myself! I think I lost myself when I drowneded. Maybe I should go back and look? Meditating first :nodnod:


*meditates* Ommmm nommmm nommmm nommmmm mmmm this is tasting nommy what am I eating? Oh look it's my tail. Dellllicious. Omm nom nooommmmm...

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You sound hungry now ... I have another reward for you. You shall go to the place that is considered home to the greatest chefs and food in the world!


*Creates another Gateway and drops it on Pink Turtle*




Ahhhhhh Paris! Ces't tres bon n'est ce pas? Ne pas oublier de manger des escargots :wink:

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Gosh I'm a really large turtle. I must be about five times as tall as you :rolleyes: *looks down at the Ithipony*


But oh how did you know? :D I haven't eaten all day! *tries to decipher what Ithi said* Random french, random french.....escargots..... Noononononono noooo thank you. I may currently be a turtle, but I'm not going to start eating like one :nodnod: But pasta! Pizza! CHEESE! FRESH HERBIES! *dies happily*

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Oooh pony? That reminds me, whilst you are in France I have a very important job for you to do.


*Pokes Pink Turtle till she wanders through the next Gateway*




Can you check the authenticity of this cow please? There are concerns that it may actually be a horse. Sorry for making you work on your trip.









Not really :tongue:

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*glares at Ithipony for making her leave her nommies*


OH look it's Turin! :biggrin: Hi Turin *waves* Wait a second.....Turin is a cow? Or a horse. I think he's a horse :nod: See he doesn't have toes, must be a horse :) Makes sense too seeing as your a pony. Ithipony and Turinhorsie! :D *hands them apples*

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My brains are addled? I wonder why? It couldnt possible be from tumbling through so many gateways, most certinally not o.O


Oh....ches..... howevil of you to play chess with me after youve addles my brains. Not to mention starting in in a checkmate poaition :P Thats not the ooonly way you can win, I can promise to play really badly so that you can win at a normal game :)


Also AHA! Theeeres the culpret! Ithi you should definately go torture him a bit :nod:

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