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The Band's Baby Boom

F Horn of Valere

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Oh, I plan to. We're thinking we won't even think about until around 5 year anniversary of being married (and I really want to take a couples trip to europe before baby comes along so yeah lol) But, I love hearing about your guys' kids and seeing other people with kids...maybe I should offer to babysit the next couple of summers to get used to taking care of little ones lol

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She's so freaking cute Kat...just like her mom!  :biggrin:


Dice..your girls are turning into beautiful young women!!!  Does that scare you?  :wink:   Although if you keep that look on your face when the guys start showing up, you won't have a problem.  You don't look very happy.  LOL  Who's in the middle there?


Jea, very smart.  Take your time, enjoy freedom while you can.  Becoming a parent is the most amazing thing that will ever happen to you, but that carefree life gets left behind.  LOL  I don't regret i at allt, but I do miss it sometimes.  YOu can come babysit for me anytime!

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Ok, a few older ones to add...


In his car seat, ready to go:






In his snow suit that still provides PLENTY of room to grow:






Reaching for everything that might possibly be within reach, especially computers, remotes, papers cups, the corners of the table, my leg hair, XBox start buttons....



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Everyone is fine Dav, just exhausted at this point. I left baby and mom at the hospital with grandma so I could ran back home and get some things to stay the night with her. Decided to get on here first... naturally. :laugh:


I'm going to be bringing my laptop along with me, but if I can't get wifi then my only way to DM will be via iPhone. I imagine I'll be busy for the next while, but I'll poke my head in from time to time.


And thanks BriMo :smile:

I'm quite fond of the name too (I picked it lol :wink:)

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