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Music idea

F Horn of Valere

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I was thinking, what do you think about having a Musical of the Month? I don't know what would be best for this... a review would be nice, but that would turn into a lot of work, and as slackers stop doing it, it would put a greater workload on staff filling in, unless set up differently. 


At first I was thinking about a cagematch of sorts as a one-time thing-- each week vote for your favorites, with musicals seeded out in brackets, but Musical of the Month also flows really well off the tongue! That, and the cage-match might be difficult because not everyone has seen a lot that would probably be included. Though maybe that would be ok? I don't know, I'm just typing to myself.


Any thoughts?

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Working on the first one. Unfortunately, I could only get two videos to embed per post... so if there is no workaround to this problem, which is better:


1. Have a lot of posts before any discussion can begin. (The one I'm working on would have 9 posts with only two songs per post...) I can also disable my signature during these, but they will be broken up, and being divided would look pretty crappy.


2. Have one post, but not embed any and have links for each one. A lot cleaner, but also would kill participation... a lot of people would be fine pressing play, but don't feel like following 18 links.


Not sure how best to proceed if I can't get it to work.

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Or just pick the best 2 songs?  I'm not sure how many new people would actually watch xteen videos, limiting it to 2 may mean that people who don't normally watch musicals may participate.  More videos could be introduced as the discussion progresses.

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