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Greetings and hello


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Well met my friends! Though I am new to this realm I know its story well......erm....anyway just wanted to drop in and say hello to everyone. Like everyone else here I am a fan of WoT and Robert Jordan. I love to discuss the books, storys, plots, and subplots. I really get into these storys as do alot of my close friends I discuss them with regularly. I even roleplay WoT....and D&D so try not to label me too much of a WoT geek. My Favorite character is Mat mainly because I can relate to him more than the others. Eye of the World is my favorite book of the series and always will be. I love beginnings, even though there is niether beginnings or endings to the turning of the wheel of time, but it is the beginning. Im such a dork :( . I hope you all will enjoy my company here and i hope to meet some new friends. till i post again....



fare the well


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Guest Egwene

Hi Median :D you'll soon find that being a WoT geek is not that unusual here :wink:


Look forward to seeing you on the discussion boards 8) (and it would be really great if you voted in my Asmo poll :wink: )

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