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[SG Faire: Ogiers] Welcome to the Ogiers!

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 Welcome everyone!  I thought that I would take this time to introduce people to the peace and tranquility of the Ogier stedding here at Dragonmount, but first things first, off to the Sung Wood for some refreshments:







One of the oldest and most popular of threads, The Ye Olde Sung Wood has existed through the many turnings of the Dragonmount's Wheel of Time providing joy and ale for all who enter.







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And what goes better with a good stein of Ogier Ale, than some good tasty Ogier food?  So for the first time, in honour of this Faire, I'm allowing the general public to view our top secret Ogier Favorite recipe book.  Enjoy! (they really are quite tasty!)


To Serve Ogier

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