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The Social Group Fair is here!


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Finally! Go and have fun! Participate in our threads and visit all the other threads. This is a great way to get to know all of the soical groups her at DM. I will post links here once the threads are up.



Black Tower - What faction does your soul belong to?  - Take this new test to see what faction you should choose or find out if you chose the right one. 

Black Tower - The Black Tower Tainted Tea Room  - Come spam with us!



Shayol Ghul - Ask Narg

Shayol Ghul - Cookpot Game


WT & Warders - Aes Sedai thread

WT & Warders - Warders thread


Wolfkin - Wolfkin name

Wolfkin - Nature Guessing Game


Aiel - Spear toss

Aiel - Real of Time: A Culture Discussion 


ACW Guild - WoT Creations

ACW Guild - Siggy Competition and Stall


The Kin - How to avoid the Yellow Ajah with things from your kitchen

The Kin - How to avoid the Red Ajah Thinking You´re a False Dragon


Band of the Red Hand - Favorite Genre of Music and why?

Band of the Red Hand - Why was the Band of the Red Hand created and what kept it from being disbanded? 



General Thread - DM Music Video

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