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First time EVER (Hagnar)

Arez Al'Loke

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Alrighty then! It appears I have been granted approval to have some fun with a character I just made.. Lots of butterflies in my tummy as this is the first time I've ever considerd doing RP xP

WAIT, no not butterflies. Rocks, sharppointybigrocks, in my belly *Flex*


So, I was thinking on doing some kind of "solo" RP as it seems to be a good way to get started (better in depth explanation of Hagnar's story)

BUUURUURUTUTUTUHUHUT!!! Before you put on your boots and gallop away from here, I would like to add something. 

I like surprises. Which means planing out a entire story and following it through doesn't really appeal to me a whole lot.

So what I'm proposing is that anyone who wants to join is encouraged to do so. 

You will have ALOT of freedom (no permanent damage to my char, but it can be long lasting)

You can take the side of the "bad guys" or you can choose to help me. If you're character is a thief, you might choose to simply steal my stuff while I'm occupied :baalzamon:

This will also decide if I "win" the encounter or not, very flexible.


You don't have to "stick" till the end, meaning you could just add a post where you chuck a stone at me and then run away.


I'm planing on having this take place at the current timeline (whatever that is), not going to be retro.

Most of this RP will play out in a relatively small village, there will be a short period while my character is traveling towards it.

The only thing you have to do, is PM me if you decide to join in.

I'll set the scene for the RP tommorow (if all goes according to plan), and hopefully this RP will appeal to you!

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