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WoT Movie Casting


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Chase Crawford for Rand; on my personal list of favourites. One I haven't seen before, bold choice, I like it.

Thom, Bryne, very much agree.

Galad, Gawyn, they could possibly work, but not my personal picks.

Taim, oh I could see that.


The rest I don't really care for, I think especially for Nyn and Egwene the actors are way too told.

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I'm not sure how I would feel about Chris as Rand, don't get me wrong Chris is DAMN sexy, but with red hair and all i'm just not sure about it. There is a cosplayer of Rand floating around on the internet I think he should do it. He's both hot and looks like him very much. Course who knows if he could act. *laughs*


Ryan would need to bulk up a lot for Perrin. I can't say he would be bad but he'd have to tone down the "i'm a comedy" actor side in order to play the serious Perrin.


I quite like the actors for Moiraine and Min. Even though both characters i'm generally not a fan of. OMG and YES to Hugh as Logain totally totally totally!

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I really wish that Viggo Mortensen was a bit younger and that he hadn't already played Aragorn in LotR, I think he'd make a great Lan.


I think that whoever plays Rand would have to be a fantastic actor. Rand's character changes so much over the course of the series, from a young and naive farmboy to borderline insane, from a man with almost no emotions to some saintly character. There will be no "getting into character" for whoever plays Rand.

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I think he should play everybody.  The Eye of the World: Starring Liam Neeson and nobody else.

I agree. He should also write a movie called Liam Neeson:The Liam Neeson Story starring Liam Neeson.




I would watch that.

I would replace every movie in my house with that.  Every.  Last.  One.  Like, you go to open, I dunno, Seabiscuit and it's Liam Neeson sitting there staring at you.  Only I've edited the original image of Seabiscuit so it's Liam Neeson the horse riding Liam Neeson the jockey.  I'd bet on them.

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Oooh, I love Sam Elliot's gravelly voice and crooked grin. I can't remember who the video suggested he play - was it Elyas? Or Thom? I think I'd go more with Elyas, though. (I can't view the video at work so can't watch it to verify which character was suggested).


And I'd totally vote Liam Neeson for Rhuarc!


I think Tyne Daly would be a good Cadsuane.

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