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Dragonmount Empy Awards - VOTING Round!


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Dear Freelanders,


As every year, the Empy Awards are upon us again. This event celebrates the best and the brightest of each Group on Dragonmount.


I hope that all Freelanders will participate and nominate their favorites in the Empy Nomination round.
Those with the most nominations will make it through to the next round.

Which is the Voting round, during which you will once again be asked to
participate. This time to vote on the nominees that made it through.

The nominees with the highest votes will win the Award in the category(ies) they were nominated for.

The Award board can be found here: link

Please read the stickies first, before nominating! They hold important information that you need to know. Otherwise you risk having your nomination dismissed as invalid.

Important: the award covers 2012! So make sure your nominations are from that year only. 2013 nominations will be disregarded!




Tomorrow (Wednesday) I will post a link of both people and RP's that are elligible for the Freelanders to nominate and vote for in case you need some inspiration.



Deadline to nominate your favorites is 16 February, so this Saturday. So make sure you're on time with your nominations!!




After the nomination round, there will be a voting round where the top nominees will be up for your vote. The winners from the voting round will then receive their awards.


Good luck to all!

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Freelanders Members elligible for nomination:







Freelanders RP's elligible for nomination:


The first step is the toughest
A Lesson Needed.
Some Time Later at the Haus
A Brief Encounter
This is Some Rescue (Daughter of the Nine Moons Main Plotline RP
Another Brief Encounter

Having Survived the Haus
Regarding Dreams (White Tower Dreamer RP)

Hunting the Hunter
Shady business in Ebou Dar~ Atten: Myst, Arinth -
Of Swords and Sons
Trouble In Paradise
Merchant With a Quarterstaff (Part 2, Retro)
Haus of Three Grand Re-Opening
The Morning After




If I have missed any, please feel free to post here with the relevant information and links.

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The nominations are in and the top nominees are listed and ready to be voted for. The Freelanders have been nominated in several categories!! Thank you all for that!! :biggrin:


Now go forth and bring home those trophies!! And watch out for Quibby! He's sneaky!!



Oh, right...... GO HERE to vote!

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