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Sorcha al'Parr

Spears and Hearts- Love Poems

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:smile: This part of Spears and Hearts is for Love Poems. :biggrin: You can submit a poem related to Love or Valentine's Day, and at the end of the week, I shall choose a winner. :happy: Can't wait to see them! :smile:

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Here's one I kind of wrote quickly but am rather proud of...



My heart beats faster when you’re near,

I do my best to just act normally.

Keep it in, girl, keep it in.

At the sound of your voice, I jump inside.

You fill my idle daydreams,

Light up my darkest moments,

And hug me safe and tight. 

A month ago, there was no hope,

Now I’m thinking differently;

Day by day, we grow closer.

Maybe nothing will happen, but even so

I feel lucky to be your friend;

To have someone like you in my life.

Could this become more one day?

Hope and love carry me on.

Edited by Aiel Heart

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I'm sorry, I know this is spam, but whenever i hear "love poetry" i think of this:



"He ducks a lot"


(BTW: Great relationship advice for any species)


Also, I like Heart's poem.

Edited by Tyzack

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:biggrin: I should mention that if you want to share poems about love or Valentine's Day that you find, that's okay, too. :smile: Although, it will not count when I choose a winner because it has to be your own poem. :happy:

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well... i wrote this poem as anonymous for one of my school newspaper things... yeah, it's not exactly happy love... and i wrote this when i was depressed, but it's the best I've produced so far...



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