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The Tåïñtëd Tîmës ~ February 2013

Nyanna al'Meara

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Bienvenidos a los

Tainted Times

de Febrero!


Back again to bring you all the Tower and Farmyard news from the past month - and more!

All of DM seems sound and happy again which is great. (Except my links in this thread, for some reason some won't work embedded as title text. Hmm) I guess those DMpoltergeistehs want a mention too XD
Aaaand after all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, the new year and the release of aMoL...let's proceed with the newest newsletter!




Whoop whoop it does indeed seem the drought hath ended and with it brings a flood of newbies! :D Another officially welcome to:


Stefanos Mallos



Asha´man Hall









Cloud to Soldier!
Dors Maherally to Soldier!

The Wolf King to Soldier!

Sorcha al´Parr to Dedicated!

Arez Al`Loke to Asha'man!

Darthe to Asha'man!

 Cyan to Asha'man!

Kaylee to Asha'man!


Sad to see Matty resign, but many warm welcomes to PANCHI as the newest Stormleader for the Light!!!


Congratumafuzzulations! :biggrin: :D





January's been busy and spammy...

~ The monthly discussion was on
Humor and Real Life, (http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/78979-discussion-janfeb-humor-and-real-life/), hosted by random and modded by our very own Talya! It was started quite late in January, so if you like do hop in still to post your thoughts!

~ The WW II Mafia game was won by the Japan mafia team - majorly thanks to Lenlo's scheming skillz I hear! And since the BT seemingly cannot go without its mafia fix for long - or at all XD - the next game of Ultimate Mafia Showdown (http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/78864-the-ultimate-mafia-showdown-day-three-godlike) was started immediately and is still ongoing!


~ Ithi got bored and organised another of her mindbogglingly cool trivia games - this time testing Tainted knowledge of historical figures with Who?What?Where? (http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/78652-game-over-who-what-where-at-the-black-tower-ayla-wins/) And it was won by a very wise hO.Oteh called Ayla :laugh: Gratsles!


~ Lovin the spam! Featuring two top spammy threads from the last month:

Three Word Story by Talya aaaand Kaylee's Things Mafia Has Made Me Say. :biggrin:





How's your 2013 going? February looks pretty cool with all kinds of fun events happening!


--- The Black Tower´s Valentine´s Fair - For the Love of the Shadow, hosted by our Shadowites! All but one are  happening on the private boards :P The exception is lolguy´s bloody Capulet vs. Montague Hunger Games (http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/79121-capulet-vs-montague-hunger-games-day-5/]Capulet vs. Montague Hunger Games) which has already started. Heaps of spam during the day, loads of killings at night... and everyone's paranoid.








--- Oh yeah, and another biiiiig event - DM wide in fact! The Social Group Fair! The BT has been preparing a couple threads to represent our Tainty Tower with great mods Tina,Tress,Turin, Ayla and Smiley. Mucho funs to be had, come along and show everyone else what insane awesomeness the BT is! So yeah keep out an eye :wink:(not to be taken literally >.<)


--- Our epic Master Dude is lurking working in the Shadows, on our shiney new Dore Mordero rollers!



And here’s your monthly..


(As you may remember, after reaching the milestone record of 100,000 posts in one thread in June, our new goal (as well as getting 200,000 posts in that thread too now), is to TOP the other two really active boards, in OVERALL REPLIES! The WT was 'defeated' in October 2012, now only General Discussion remains to be conquered ...slowly but surely we’re closing the gap!)


As of NOW:


General Discussion has upped to: 621,360 total replies[last month: 613,734]


Black Tower SG, which now has 489,233 total replies [last month: 474,070]





No comic or shtuffs this month, because we were too lazy busy :P nehehe both work


However, I would like to take this opportunity to say:




A very tainty Valentine's to each and every one of you lovelies :wub: <3




signin' off with a flourish


ṉÿa ṡќεετεɾ



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