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S21 in Fresno, Ca


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Name: S21 Sushi

Location: Fresno, Ca
Category: Japanese Food

My cousin and I love japanese food, especially raman, so we decided to give this place a try after seeing a local ad for their raman. We walked into the store around 5:00pm and were immediately greeted and seated. The restraunt was small and only had about ten tables, most of them already filled. The waiter took our order, I asked for diet pepsi but got water and never received the soda. When we ordered our Raman the waiter let us know it would be about twenty or thirty minutes since they only had one cook who did the raman and they only made one bowl at a time.


We said okay and also ordered some sushi and a rice bowl. The sushi and bowls came out about fifteen minutes later and we began to eat. While eating the waiter stood in the corner by the kitchen and ignored the other customers unless their food was ready or they called for him.  We sat there with empty drinks for at least ten more minutes and, even when I asked for water, it took him about five minutes to bring it from the table right next to where he was standing.


We finished out meals and the Raman was still not there. A large party of six, who seemed to be friends of the waiter or frequent customers, came in and was seated.  They too ordered Raman and got theirs BEFORE my cousin and I. To make a long story short about 30-45 minutes later he brought out our raman plus a third bowl which he said the cook accidentally made and would be on the house (though I think he really just brought it since he know how unsatisfied we were and how he was not not getting ANY tip.


It may have been the waiter but I will never go there again to find out. In short the service was terrible and, even though the food was good, I do not think that even remotely makes up for the lack of service.

Overall Verdict
The service was bad and the food took forever, if the restraunt is known for it's Raman then they should know that people will be asking for it and hire more people who can make it (or teach the other cooks to do so.) The food was great once we got it but three hours for the raman soup is unacptable.

Ambience: 3/5
Food: 5/5
Service: 1/5
Value for Money: 3/5


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Have you found other good places in SF?  I lived there for a summer a couple years back and always loved the miniature pie place right next to UCSF Mission Bay Campus called Peasant Pies.  It was my daily before and after work stop before getting on the BART.

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