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Reading and Writing Lessons (Attn: Claire)


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Kyle listened as his instructor finished the first basic training session that Kyle attended at the Fortress of Light.  Kyle had tried to pay attention as much as he could, but his thoughts kept drifting elsewhere.  Only the day before had he arrived at the Fortress to begin his training with the Children of the Light.  It was amazing how much things had changed for Kyle.  He had a home and warm meals three times a day.  He still had not gotten used to seeing himself with more bulk.  He had gained a significant amount of weight while traveling from Four Kings to Amador and he was still not used to feeling clean.


In the next hour though, his life would change even more and that is where his mind was drifting to today.  Yesterday, he had admitted to Roudal that he couldn't read and write and had inquired about learning how.  After this session, he was to report to Roudal to begin lessons.  The thought made him nervous.


What if I fail and can't do it? thought Kyle


He thought it strange that those fears were only there for the literacy lessons.  He felt comfortable about everything else here.  Maybe it was because he was a survivor and felt a sense of purpose at the Fortress.  He didn't know, but he had to be honest with himself: he was afraid that he would fail at his literacy lessons.


Kyle's thoughts snapped back to the instructor as the lesson ended and the recruits were dismissed.  Kyle gathered his things and walked directly to Roudal's office.  Stepping in Kyle said nervously, "Good morning sir.  I have come as requested to begin my lessons."

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