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[Gig Review] Kanye West - Yas Arena, Abu Dhabi, UAE - January 31, 2013


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I am not a Kanye West fan, and only know of him from passing, but my sisters really like him and he came to Abu Dhabi to preform on short notice, and lacking any other "big" things to do on the my visit, we decided to drive to Abu Dhabi for the night and see him.


This was my first time at Yas - my sisters had been there before - and apparently they shrunk the venue to make it feel "full" for the number of people who there there. I'd guess there were between 3 and 5 thousand of us; roughly devided 45/55 Emirati youth and 25-35 year old ex-pats.


The stage set up was simple, but nice. There were 5 main projection screens, an overhead and underfoot screen on the stage and some lights. Kanye came on - no opening acts - around 9:45. He seemed energetic and professional. From my sisters, sometime people get too drunk and under-perform when they play in the UAE; he did not.


The crowd was good, and we stood in the front line of the ex-pats; there were about 10 rows (standing) of local youth in front of us. The facilities were nice, and the bars were very efficent.


The two songs he played that I regonized were:




Before that ^^ song started the crowd was sprayed by gaint snow-making machines. It was really cool!!






Overall, I'd say 8/10.


He didn't do anything wrong, it was a great show, great crowd, but not perfect...

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It would have been nice to know the artist more. I feel as though I can't judge a piece of work if I don't know what to compare it to. It could have been his best show ever, but I don't know anything about how he performs or his music, so I can't really make that judgement.

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