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The Vault - JW Marriot Marquis, Dubai, UAE


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What is it: A cocktail bar at the top (71st/72nd) floors of the JW Marriot Marquis Tower in Dubai.

Price: The cocktails were between 60 and 90 Dhs (roughly 15-30 US dollars), the appitizers were between 30 and 40 Dhs.




After having gone to At.Mosphere (at the top of the Burj Khalifa) on my last trip to Dubai, and Skyview on top of the Burj Al Arab earlier in the week, my sisters and I decided that we would another "top of bar" and this, being the newest one, was the one we chose.


My little sister and I got there early, and after waiting a pretty long time for the elevator, we got to the bar okay. The entrance we went to was on the 72nd floor, upper of the two, but our table was on the 71st, so we had to walk down this really cool glass-and-gold-flecked stair case to the lower floor and our table. Our table was in a window bay by itself, which was nice, and had a great view of Shiek Zayed road, Safik Park, Jumeriah and out to the ocean. The primer tables, I guess you could call them, were on the other side of the building and featured a view out over Business Bay to the Burj Khalifah and at an angle that allowed you to see the fountains. However, I thought our view was great, and my sisters want to return to our table for a sunset view.


In the first round of cocktails I had a drink whose name I forget but basically was champaign and cherry-flavored liquor; it was really good. My little sister also enjoyed her. We ordered the falafel and vegan spring roll appetizers, both of which we delicious. My older sister and her husband still weren't there, and since the bar advertised itself as a "Cigar Lounge" I went back upstairs to their humidor room to have a cigar while I waited.


This was really the only mark against the bar that I could find all night; the staff were not very helpful in picking out a cigar, and their "cigar lounge" consisted of 6 selections. I wanted to get a 30Dhs cigar, but since neither I nor the waiter knew what I was choosing, I think I ended up getting an 80Dhs one; but it was really good. Another mark is that the waiter insisted on lighting the cigar for me and did a horrible job at it.


When I finished my cigar and went back to my table, my older sister and her husband had joined us. We had another two rounds before leaving. Everyone agreed that it was a very fun bar, affordable - in Dubai terms - and worth another visit.


Also, the bathrooms had gold-flecked tiles.


Overall, I would rate it a 8/10.


It loses points for the poor cigar service (while styling itself a cigar bar), and uninspired, though affordable cocktails.

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