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January Points - It's a Haggy Month


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Black Ajah : 903
Ahmoondah 270
Barmacral 5
Basel Gill 119 
bgrishrinko 39
cindy 176 
cosmicpanda 35
Despothera 94
Haxorist 30
Naeann 5
Panchi 125
Sakaea 5
Dreadlords : 726
Arez al'Loke 5
Christine 41

Cyan 140
dapianoplay3r 176
ed2funy 5
Ishmael Forsaken 38
Kathleen 5
Lenlo 35
lolguy26 109
Moghedian 55

Mottlee 5
WildTaltos 107
ThorkinBarrimore 5
Shadowspawn : 345
Aiel Heart 24
Canukistani 5
Leelou 5

NakedFrog 80
Nynaeve 5
RandAlThor 79
Reyoru 5
TinaHel 35
Verbal32 77
WWWwombat 30
DO/Fuls : 403
LilyElizabeth 25
*Andrej* 90
cloud 70
*Katiora* 5
Luke/Isam 5
Mirdraal 5
Misheru 15
Myrelle Green 5
nicana 60
Smiley73 35
Sorcha al'Parr 5
TGlems 29
The Bard Babe 5
WolfbrotherKronos 49




Grats to Moon and the Black Ajah



*stabs everyone*

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  • Club Leader

Enough said about the GMT's, please. Leelou does her best and she will continue to do so. I appreciate her. 


Grats Moon and the BA! You guys earned those points with a fabulous monthly event.


Next up is the Social Group Faire February 15-28. I'll be happy to give points to anyone who comes up with something good to do for it and executes their idea well. PM me if you have thoughts on this. There are also threads in the Dungeons about it you all are welcome to read. 

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Congrats Moon!


BA rules!




*hides under a rock*


I just decided yesterday what to do at the WK.  I now need to find victims to do my bidding.  You just can't find minions over in the Stedding like you can around here in Hell.

*goes to the Stedding*

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