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[BotRH Org Discussion] Executive Officer?


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We have been functioning without this position filled for a while, and I'm worried that's done more harm then good, especially since I have been so lax on my duties lately....


Thoughts? Recommended changes? Should the XO and UC both be prominent and maybe switch roles every so often to prevent burnout? (Something tells me Horn will have a lot to say on that last...)

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I think that the responsibilities of the positions should remain a constant, if nothing else than for continuity's sake. If the two want to switch to avoid burnout, though, why not?


I don't there there needs to be much change, except in the area of activity level contingencies. If the XO is managing recruits and goes missing for recruits, our past track records show that any recruits that we had during that week are gone. (This was one of our biggest problems with RLOs... recruits got bored if a Regiment went AWOL, and just left the Band entirely.) 


The way I got around this problem was I made woolhead the XO's Assistant, so if I had an activity lapse, someone was there to cover for me... but we don't really have the numbers to a) warrant the position, or b) be able to properly fill the position.


What if the three Senior Staff overlapped a little bit more in responsibilities? Right now, MG runs the org, UC does points, XO manages recruits. UC/XO already help the MG run the org. If the MG and XO helped with points as needed (say, one does the JotS thread every month, or one calculates staff pay, etc... or even the XO says "hey, can one of you do this for me this month, I am running late), and the MG and UC help with recruits as well... each still has their main duty, but they are supported by the others, preventing burnout, and covering for activity lapses. If they are going to be LOA, some of their responsibilities in this manner could also be designated to higher-ranking officer or CG during their LOA as well.

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Well said Horn.  I think it's important to have all three Sr. Officers.  As long as the 3 support each other the band can run beautifully.  I will admit, when we were super busy, the position of XO could get crazy when we had a huge influx of RRs and the XO was the only one working with them.  So maybe the XO is in charge of RRs and RLOs with support of the UC and MG to help when things are crazy. 


I think Horn said what I was thinking beautifully.  :biggrin:

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Oh yes, and the RLOs! If it gets to be super busy, they could be reinstated as well, once needed!


(though after the encyclopedia comes out, I am expecting new membership at DM to teeter off, so I am not too optimistic/concerned that the XO will have much opportunity to get fully swamped like back in the hey-day of having 10-15 recruits at once. I feel like we share this in common with the real White Tower-- the second novice kitchens are closed and probably will never be reopened, but because of us, but because of the small pool of new recruits that could join.)

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Okay, so after all this, is there anyone interested in the position? I think that's the issue right now is not enough active members and most afraid to commit to this level of position at the moment!


Interest? yes.


Willing to devote the time? very tempted.


Able to devote the time? Sadly, no. Recruits and grad school have a hard time coexisting. 

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Horn - seeing how much you have going on with grad work and the little man roaming around, I wouldn't even consider even if you did send in an application! 


Later today, I will post an official call for applications for this position and go from there.

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