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Interrogation Skills (Attn: Kathleen)


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Guion moved about the dungeon, straightening things that didn't need straightened, waiting for his student to arrive. It had been a while since he had taught an Interrogation class, and this was to be only one student. He was disappointed in how few Children chose the path of the Hand of the Light these days.


Sweat dripped down his brow, and he absentmindedly wiped it away with his nearly soaked handkerchief. It was cool down here in the dungeons, but that didn't really matter to Guion; he always seemed to be plague by sweat dripping down his brow. People said it was his nervous energy; he was always in motion and never seemed to relax.


He knew little of the Child he was training; her name was Katandra and she was said to be very beautiful. Guion still found it passing odd that women were choosing to join the ranks, but he couldn't fault them for wanting to take charge of their own lives. After all, that is why he had joined the Children himself.


He heard the scrape of bootheel on floor behind him, and turned to see Katandra in the doorway. She was as beautiful as the rumors had said, with long brown hair and bright blue eyes. 


Guion didn't wish to be caught staring, so he cleared his throat and gestured to one of the chairs. "Please have a seat. I am Inquisitor Hamarind. Today, I will be teaching you the finer arts of Interrogation."


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Katandra opened her wardrobe and took out the crisp white uniform, starving off the forming smile before it hit her lips. She was here to work, to do a job, and she would be taken seriously. Even when she was alone in her room she felt the need to keep up the appearance. Most people saw her petite frame and her girlish figure and underestimated her abilities because of it. She could have succumb to their mocking jabs, but she was determined to prove them wrong. She felt that because of her appearance she was often pushed harder than the others, made to prove she really could handle the roughness of this life of duty. It seemed to her that she was pushed harder and that the expectations on her were more than on the men and tougher looking girls. Though she knew for certain at least one person put more presure on her than others - herself. She had always been her own worst critic. She did find that sometimes the underestimating came in handy. She could get help with things others couldn't, and often she was more trusted because she other's assumed she wouldn't cause trouble. Luckily for them, she didn't cause trouble.


She had grown used to the sight of the Children, and even the feeling of mingling in among them as she walked the fortress grounds. It amazed her how fast she took to the place, but then she had stripped her life and started over once before coming here. And this time she wasn't sitting around hours on end harbouring hateful emotions. Now she was finally on a path to righteousness and doing something positive for the world. She was finally fulfilling her purpose in life. 


She ironed out her uniform before putting it on and spent a little more time than usual on brushing her hair and looking her best. Today she would be having her first lesson on interrigation and was growing more and more nervous over it as it drew closer. She didn't know what to expect, and her thoughts on it kept flipping through the possibilities. Perhaps she would actually be questioned, put to interrogation as a prime example of how its done? Or would it just simply be lessons on techniques? Either way, she would be need to be ready for the worst. She could hope all she wanted that this first lesson would be to sit and listen and say hello, but she had to be ready. 


She knew the interigations could get quite intense, and as she made her way to the dungeons she found it harder and harder to keep her breathing steading. Could she handle it if it she was interrigated?


I have nothing to hide. I walk in the Light. I am a good person who deserves to be here. I have earned this uniform. I walk in the Light. The words repeated over and over in her mind as she made her way to meet the instructor. Each round through she found she believed them more. She really did have nothing to hide. Let him interigate her if he needed to, he would find nothing more than a girl with a mission to spread Truth and Light through the world and destroy the evils that tried to stop her in that. 


"I walk in the Light. I have nothing to hide." The words escaped her lips as she stopped at the door where her lesson would be. She had to wait an extra moment to let the blush that filled her cheeks pass. She would not enter there looking embarrased or scared. She had ment those words, and she would let her appearance show that.


She strode into the room, with confidence, her head held high and she did her best to hide her few remaining nerves. There was nothign she could do to change what ever was going to happen in here. She would just have to do her best to deal with it. 


 "Please have a seat. I am Inquisitor Hamarind. Today, I will be teaching you the finer arts of Interrogation." Guion's voice surprised her as he noticed her standing in the door way, but Katandra didn't let the slight bump back to the moment show. She was too embarrased for having been found standing absently around in the presence of an Inquisitor to do anythign other than nod to him and slip into a seat near him. She glanced at the door and then back at him. Part of her had been hoping to find other students there. It would have been a good sign that her first lesson wouldn't have her being questioned by one of the best. As it was she still couldn't tell. She decided that speaking would keep her from fidgeting in her seat, so she replied, "Thank you for this opportunity. I am Katandra". She didn't know what else to say so she said nothing more at all as she glanced to the door hoping to see someone else walk through.

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