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Updated NSW Bio for CoL Roudal Sarez - No CC Needed


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Character Name: Roudal Sarez

Place of Birth/Raising: Kandor

Age: 40

Division: None (Non-traditional character, Clerk)

Description: 6’2" tall. A heavy man, no longer inclined to physical tasks as his muscle has gone to fat. Wears his dark beard forked in the Kandori manner. Puffy red cheeks. Blue eyes and shoulder length dark brown hair which is beginning to gray. Clipped back at the nape of his neck with a silver clip.


Personality: Roudal has a sour personality, and is not a person you want to cross. He is always muttering under his breath, and prone to withering insults about the intelligence of the soldiers he has to deal with daily.


Character History:


Roudal has always been easily offended. The behavior of others always seemed to rankle him, especially when it was unseemly. At times, he found himself protecting the weaker, when really he would have rather stay out of trouble. He was rather strong as a youth, and prone to fights that he never seemed to understand how he got into them. He was one of the few literate boys in the town, having learned the skill from his merchant father before he passed. He had a normal childhood in the market town of Ravinda, and was wed at the age of 19, to who he claimed was the most beautiful woman in the world.


Unfortunately, he never seemed to be able to make enough money to satisfy his wife's tastes in the finer things. There was not much money for a clerk in the Borderlands, and so to make his wife proud, he joined the Children of The Light, promising to send for her as soon as he could arrange a place for them both.


Roudal managed to secure employment as a clerk for the Children, transcribing letters and managing finances and accounts. When he was secure in his position, he sent for his wife. Sadly, he learned that Ravinda had been pillaged by brigands, and his wife was killed in the fighting. Roudal wept for her privately, not willing to let others see his grief. In time he grew more and more bitter.


Once his wife passed, Roudal had not much reason to continue living. However, he didn't believe in suicide, and decided that his only way to carry on was to remain where he was, with the Children. It was his love for his wife, after all, that had brought him there. So he remained for years, gradually gaining seniority among the Clerks until Roudal was Head Clerk.


All new recruits now report to Roudal, who assigns them quarters and gives classes of Recruits orientation lessons about the Children, their history and mission. Occasionally, Roudal is also called upon to teach a young Child his letters, as not all who come to the Children are literate. While still a bitter soul, he takes some small satisfaction in improving the younger generation through his teaching. Just don't get on his bad side.
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