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Updated NSW Bio for CoL Evelyn Shirale - No CC Needed


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Character Name: Evelyn Shirale

Place of Birth/Raising: Tarabon

Age: 30

Rank: Inquisitor

Division: Hand of the Light


Description: She is rather tall for a woman, with a slim and athletic build. She has light brown eyes the color of dark honey, and black hair that hangs in curls to her jawline. Her lips are a pursed rosebud, and she she has high cheekbones. She is pretty rather than beautiful, but her overall appearance is rather striking-- her air is always quite confident and commanding. 


Personality: She takes no nonsense, and has a commanding presence with most people. Those who are close to her know she is quite witty and smiling, but she seldom shows this face to the outside world. This is probably because she feels like she has to constantly prove herself, as she is in such a high position among a male-dominated profession.


Character History:


Evelyn’s mother used to call her "little bee" when she was a child. This was because she would always be doing something, never sitting still. The girl never had any female friends as a child. Instead, she would run with the boys- catching fish, running through the fields and woods, throwing mudballs at each other.


As she grew older, her parents thought her tomboy nature would change. But to the contrary, Evelyn still found herself more comfortable around male company. She desired to learn the sword and go on adventures, while all the other girls in her village only thought about marriage and children. Convinced that she was simply a bit confused and needed a man to settle her down, her parents arranged for her to marry a farmer from the next town over when she turned seventeen in a few turns of the moon.


At this news, Evelyn wasted no time in packing up her things and leaving her home and village during the night. She knew that denying the marriage would bring shame upon her family, so she decided that leaving would be the wisest thing to do, and allow her parents to save face with the rest of the town. Truth be told, she had never felt at home in the village and knew this was the opportunity for adventure she had been waiting for.


She wandered the land for a time, seeing a bit of the world and making a living doing odd jobs. She met many people on her travels, and eventually fell in with a group of lads also seeking adventure. One of them had convinced the others to go to Amador and see the Fortress of Light. Being curious herself, Evelyn accompanied them to Amador. 


When they arrived at the Fortress of Light, she was so impressed by its sheer magnitude that she decided to try to sign up. She was pleasantly surprised to learn that they accepted women in their ranks, just the same as men.


Since Joining: 


Evelyn felt herself gravitating toward the Hand of the Light early in her training. She relished the idea of seeking the Truth and bringing the Light to those in Shadow. She dedicated herself to her studies, progressing through the ranks as she diligently worked to prove herself as an Child of the Light.


When she was an Arbiter, she was called upon to judge a woman who had broken a marriage contract and was accused of being a Darkfriend as a result. She felt a sense of guilt inside her as she interrogated the woman, because she knew exactly what the woman was going through. Still, though she was tempted to let the woman go free for her transgression, her sense of Justice won out, and she sentenced the woman to a year of labor for her oathbreaking. She dropped the charges of being a Darkfriend against the woman.


An Inquisitor who knew Evelyn's background had been watching how she handled the case, and pleased with what he saw, recommended her for promotion. Soon, Evelyn found herself an Inquisitor, the first female Inquisitor in the Children's history, a step below the High Inquisitor himself.  She dedicated her time to teaching new recruits and lower ranks within the Hand of the Light, hoping that her skills can help improve the ranks of the Children for years to come.
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