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[Gig Review] Toby Mac @ Kansas City's Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo, USA - January 25, 2013


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I have been waiting for quite some time to see Toby Mac in concert again and I finally got the chance on January 25! It was at Kansas City's Sprint Center and was only $10 at the door! of course, the place was packed because the set was packed with some pretty big names. Now, I don't remember all of the songs, but I know alld the artists played their best and most popular songs!


For venue, I would give it an 8 out of lo, it was only lacking in crowd organization before tue doors were opened.


The evening opened with Royal Tailor -a band I had honestly never heard of before! the songs were definitely a good upbeat start for "jamming" but it seemed he did more dancing than actual singing, which bothered me considering it is a Christian concert. I give him a 6 out of 10.


Next came Sidewalk Prophets. They played their famous song, "But You Love Me Anyway." This is away powerful song and was absolutely amazing live! this song gets them an honest 10/10 from me!


I believe the next artist was Jamie Grace. she is Jamie Grace. she is 21 and has an amazing voice-even while She suffered from a hoarse voice during the concert In fact, the main act Toby Mac came out to help her finish - which was very nice d him! Her main song was, "Hold Me." It is a great song! She get 110% for effort and 9/10 for performance - granted Toby totally stole it from her.


Next came Newsong, who are the creators of Winter Jam! It turns out they actually had new songs to perform this year because they are finally releasing a new album after several years! However, the songs were not yet officially released and I do not remember the titles of them! they get an 8/10.


next we heard from speaker Rick Hall who encouraged us all to restate and recharge. a very encouraging speech which gets a 9/10, I just wish the additional stage setup wasn't so distracting!


After the break we were welcomed back by Red-whom are a very boisterous but enjoyable band to listen to, even if they were ridiculously loud, They get a 7/10 because it was so loud!


after Red we enjoyed a softer side from Matthew west. He made an entrance with a melody of his most well-Known songs, after which he realized the auditorium was positively packed- and sung about how he might pee his pants because it was the bought concert he had done in a while- it was hilarious! l%o for crowd enjoyment and for his performance of "I Don't want to Go Through The Motions".


we then had a brief interlude about sponsoring children in Africa, which I am sad I am not currently µ to do but would love to Some day!


and finally, the main event! Toby Mac and the Diverse City Band! He played almost all of the songs from his new Eye on It album, and also many older songs from his first great albums! His performance lasted well over an hour and I did NOT want it to end despite the smoke from the sparkles that went off. ± would say my favorite song of his is "Steal My Show." Brilliant song that all should pay close attention to, Toby definitely gets a 10/10 and has only made me want to see him in concert again.


Overall, the concert was worth going and I hope to attend again next year!


Have you seen or heard any of these artists? What are your thoughts?

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