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Approved BT Bio for Kavrey Paerlyn - CCed by Steve McQueen

Arath Faringal

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DM Handle: Richie_Bean
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Character Name: Kavrey Paerlyn
Nationality: Ghealdean
Age: 22
Physical Characteristic: Blue eyes and blond hair. 6 foot 1. Fairly solid.

Physical Description: Kavrey is good looking. He is tall, but not intimidating, often with a downcast gaze. He has a shy smile but distant eyes. He is graceful in his movements and has no scars or tattoos or other distinguishing features.

Personal History: Kavrey was born to a family of modest means. His father was a furniture maker and had a good reputation among those in their town, Samara, in Ghealdean. He had an elder sister, Moiwyn, who he looked up to and adored while growing up. His mother raised them lovingly and his childhood was a happy one. He spent much of it playing with the other children, down by the river Eldar, and they often dreamed together of what it would be like to take a ship and sail off down it and see where it took them.


As Kavrey grew up he took on work at an inn called The Blue Bull at the age of sixteen. The owner had no children of his own to work the tables and Kavrey’s father was a regular enough customer that he knew Kavrey to be a trustworthy boy. His sister had already worked there for a number of years.


About the time that he began this job, his father began getting him to spend the mornings and afternoons in his workshop with him. He wanted Kavrey to learn his trade so that he could eventually take over the trade once he became too old. Yet Kavrey had never shown much interest in furniture making. The work felt so mundane. Yet he did enjoy carving the intricate details, those additional flourishes that set a piece of wooden furniture apart from any other. Still, much of the work that his father was commissioned for did not require such fancy detailing and Kavrey often lapsed in his interest and work.


His father responded harshly to moments like these and it brought a rift between them. Evening dinners were awkward for the family as they could all feel the tension between the 2 of them, but the father was too strict and Kavrey too stubborn to sort through it. This continued on for over two years as Kavrey grew to silently resent his father, and became more withdrawn. He found solace in the company of his sister, who, although she never said anything to their father, understood Kavrey’s position and didn’t wish it for him.


One evening , while working at the inn, after having spent a horrible day with his father where they had clashed once again, Kavrey was caught in a foul mood by some patrons who began to make sport of him for no other reason than that they could sense his anger. He snapped, and what happened next he could not explain, but the metal mugs of ale that the three men were drinking from exploded. The shards imbedded in the wooded tables and pillars and floor around the room, but one also found its way in the neck of one of the drunk men.


His sister, Moiwyn, had been present and looked at Kavrey who stared at them in shock. The men began trying to help their dying friend and Moiwyn brought rags to help slow the bleeding. One of the men looked back at Kavrey and accused him of channeling, of being cursed. He threaten to alert the nearest Whitecloaks he could find and Kavrey knew it was not unusual to find them in Samara. His sister took came to his side and shook his shoulders, snapping him out of his shocked stupor. He knew he had been responsible for what happened. Moiwyn seemed to read his face and know this too.


She told him to flee the city. His life here was over. She told him that maybe it was for the best, as he wasn’t happy here anymore. He nodded woodenly and they parted, hugging, while she cried. He fled the town with what little money he had and took passage on a boat up the river Eldar.
He didn’t try to deny or hide from what he had done. He had channelled. As much as he had heard the terrible stories of men who could channel, his sense of self-preservation made him no longer view it with such distaste. For the next three years he travelled, working in inns, taverns and stables to keep himself alive. He did not withdraw from people, he simply kept his temper in check, as he feared that when he lost control last time it was what had caused him to channel.
While passing through Caemlyn he heard of the Black Tower. At first the idea of going there seemed dangerous. People did not speak well of those who could channel. Yet his curiosity about it made him wonder. A Tower for men? To train and learn to channel? He'd been alone for so long that the need to find others like him, who could help him, not just to channel but to feel accepted, led him to the gates of the Tower.
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