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Knowledge of a person


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  1. 1. Which human/people would best know a person?

    • the person
    • family that person was born to
    • family in which person grew in
    • person's household (past and/or present)
    • person's teachers/mentors/etc (past and/or present)
    • person's doctors (if any)
    • person's friends (if any)
    • person's acquaintances
    • someone observant that seen person
    • depends on something (specify the something)
    • other (please specify)
    • undecided

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Vote then tell reasons.


Like previous polls, this poll is not about anything specific.


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I would think it needs to come down to each person them selves. Because no one knows thier own self better than any body else. Think about all the killers over the years that people have said he was such a quiet nice person who knew he could of done something like that. I would think the person would deff know themselves better than any other person.

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Added some options and rearranged some of the other options.

Afterward voted.


To me it depends on the area of knowledge.

The person would probably best know his (or her) own thoughts.

The family to whom the person was born to would probably best know his/her ancestry.

The family in which the person grew in would probably best know his/her general history; especially his/her "early" years (infancy through early elementary).

If the person ever had doctor appointments (dentist, eye, physician, etc), they would probably best know his/her medical info and medical history.

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I believe no one truly knows anyone, even themselves. What one person sees when they get to know me is different to another, or even myself. There are many more facets to our personality than we realise.

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