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Welcome to the Band Nikon!!!


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I'm Katiora the Undercommander (2nd in command) of the Band and I'm very excited to have a new member! I hope you have an awesome time here. Jea, our illustrious leader will be along in a bit to send the request for you to get access to the private boards and such. Until then feel free to post wherever you can see here. I believe there is a discussion or two going on. You can also visit the Pink Loincloth Tavern. Just be careful in there.. All sorts of crazies :wink: If you have any questions feel free to post them here or shoot me a message. My PM box is always open. Otherwise just have a good time!!!! 


*hands the new recruit a special UC Brew*

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*glances over Nikon's shoulder at the bandy*


Bah, miserable drink... here, let me get you something much better!


*hands Nikon a flaming shot*

I'm AJ, of the mighty, mischievous Archers! Soon you'll find out who the best regiment of the band is


*nudges with elbow* :wink:

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Oooh!!  New meat!!  *grins*  Hiya Nikon!  I'm Brid, from the Cav, the only regiment that really matters.


*ducks all the debris she knows is going to be thrown at her*


Welcome to the best group on DM.  *hands over a very large bandy*


I love Hackers too!  :)

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Hackers rules and Jonny miller looks to be good as the new holmes


Gday Nikon Im Dice Sarmation knight and string pulled CG of the Cavalry         i think........


Hands nikon a banbun and looks towards Andrej   "careful there kiddo   badmouthing Bandy = fighting words and you dont wanna fight the cav..."

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*shakes head sadly*


We like to let them live with their delusions

*hands Brid a cracker and sends her off to the Pointless Unicorn*


*Passes Nikon a flaming shot*


Welcome to the Band.  Come find us on the Range

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Hi! I'm Jea! Apparently I'm usually illustrious but some days are better tgan others lol I will get to your requests soon after which you will report as an RR (Raw Recruit) which helps yiu learn more about the Band and regiments and all that!

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*stares at cracker and wonders why she got one, then eats it*  Hmmm....I haven't been to the pointless Unicorn yet.  *tapes up BFG with purple and orange polka dotted duct tape and drags her off to the Pointless Unicorn with her.


BTW, if I wanted to shorten that I would be going to the PU.....oh my.  LOL

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*shrugs*   Brid hasn't used her free pass in yet, she'll get past Polly fine...you on the other hand my Archer friend...you are neither Cav, nor do you have a cracker...your entry may or may not be tolerated...


*shoves AJ and shoulders up with Nya, Brid and Dice*  ...What was that about Bandys, AJ?



And as for Nikon...HIYA!!!!!! I'm BB of the Cavalry (the best Regiment  ;p ). Great to have you in the Band! *tosses him a Bandy, and then another for the belated welcome*

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Aahhh, BB, *sighs*, so behind the times.


Not only do I have crackers for Polly, through fair means or foul I am the only person with crackers


*brandishes packet of crackers*


However in order for Nikon to fully experience the Band and come to his own realisation that the Archers are truly superior to all other regiments, he can have a couple of crackers in order to gain access to the Pointless Unicorn.


*solemnly hands some crackers to Nikon*

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