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Approved White Tower Bio for Cayo Isthane--CCed by da CoL


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Your Handle : AesSedaiGuy

Full names of WT characters you already own and their status
(active/retired/dead): none

Character Information

(first and last) of this character: Cayo Isthane  
(Pronunciation: KY-oh    ISS-thayne)

State whether this is a Traditional or a Salidar character: traditional

Age of
this character * (Traditional = 14-19 / Salidar = 20-70): 19

(* Returning / Full AS character: age in main time line)
Name of country where this character is from: Tar Valon

Hair: dark brown, short, but ragged cut all on length. Bangs just long enough
to tuck behind ears, which they often are.

Eyes: Green
Skin: pale
Height: 5 ft 1 in
Voice (low? high? any other characteristics? ie what does she sound like): low
for a girl, husky as if not often used.

Other: Cayo is round faced and round-eyed, despite her almost mal-nourished
appearance. She is obviously prone to curves, but her current situation
obviously prevents much opportunity.

Special Skills: thievery, stealth, ability to blend in and hide, can climb
almost anything


Knowledge Weakness: no real education. Taught herself to read from stealing
books, but doesn't have any formal education.


Physical Weakness: Cayo has a slight limp in her right leg from a bad fall
 when she was 8.

Personalityweakness: untrusting, she does not easily bond with people, and can be
calculating with relationships and interactions. Too smart for her own good,
I.e., her street smarts exceed her actual education and she often gets in
peculiar or difficult situation because she doesn't know how to her intellect
in a proper way. She is a good conversationalist, but has typically used conversations
as a ruse, defense or protection. When it gets "real" or when
she feels challenged she shuts down or withdraws, but always gets back in some
way, sooner or later. 


Personality: reserved, but too "bold" to be described as merely shy.
Smart, can be seemingly approachable, but peers tend to have a hard
time getting to know her. Her "personality weakness"
(above) illustrates her personality.



Cayo was
raised on the streets of Tar Valon and the surrounding bridge market towns. Her
mother was a Washer Woman at first until becoming a Lady of the Evening at
various establishments around the city. She found that line of work more
profitable than laundering. She roamed and worked from street to street
and town to town around Tar Valon and its surrounding communities. Cayo was
often left alone to fend for herself, and survive on her own devices. She began
learning to steal when she was 5, and mastered entering a locked store or house
by 8. In fact, she was climbing out of a 3rd story Inn, after lifting some
items from one of the guests, when she lost her grip and fell, crushing her
right knee, and causing a limp. Her mother disappeared when she was
13, she never saw her again. She lived on the streets, benefitting from
the kindness of women her mother had introduced her to throughout her life.
Random Inn Keepers, Store Owners, Bakers, Tailors and Housewives had befriended
her mother, and this her. These ladies provide a loose network for her to rely
on, as well as to keep her aware of news and happenings. The few times Cayo was
caught, her network would intervene and vouch for her, at least until one
Winter Night. 


Cayo was walking through the
streets enjoying her favorite season, surprising for a street kid, but she
loved it. Without even thinking, because she had done it so many times, she
snatched a bundle of roasted chestnuts from a vendor's stall. Perhaps it was
the Winter Night Festivities, or her distractions while taking in the cold, ice
and snow, but for whatever reason, she didnt notice the Tower Guard Lt who was
about to purchase the same bundle she snatched from his fingertips. Before she
even had the bundle open, he had her arm. Without thinking she did two things.
One she made a chopping motion with her free hand, and two she "popped"
her bad knee out, while spilling the chestnuts dirty snow along the sides of
the street. 


"He'strying to attack me." She cried, forcing tears to well up in her eyes.
"Help me! isn't a girl safe here, in Tar Valon at least?"  The
Lt. Was a bit disoriented from where her chop had hit him in the side of his
temple, but not enough to let go. "Enough of that thief, the Amyrlyn has
ordered the streets be kept safe. We don't want none of your ilk around." 

He began to drag her off, towards the Tower, Cayo cried louder and let her right
leg go limp.

"My leg. Help me. My leg. I'm just a poor cripple. I'm not a thief."

This got his attention, and made him stop. "You were walking just fine before
you grabbed those chestnuts. You're not fooling anyone." Cayo was no stranger to having people try to expose her lies. She knew if you keep
lying long enough, people will begin to doubt themselves.

"No,you must be mistaken. I did grab the chestnuts, but only because I am a
cripple. No where to go on a night like this. Please, mercy, please."

"No,none of these stories. I saw you. You were walking fine." But he still
wasnt dragging her anymore. 

"Well,perhaps when you grabbed me and cracked my leg, it made it worse. Look at my
leg, it won't work."

The Lt looked down and saw her leg, trailing to the side. "I'll get you to a
Sister. A Yellow who likes to spend evenings interviewing Guardsmen and looking
at random bruises and wounds. She'll look at you and decide if your
hurt or not. If you're not, you'll head to the cells to await trial."

They went on towards the Guard Quarters. True to his word, an Aes Sedai was at a
table, with a Guardsman's arm held near a candle, looking at a swollen elbow,
turned yellow-brown from a bruise.


"Suepta Sedai", the Lt said, "I'm sorry to interrupt." 

"What is it Lt. Kindade?" The young looking, fat Aes Sedai said coolly, without
looking up from the bruised elbow."I've caught a thief, but she's a tricky one and claims to be a cripple, and that her
leg won't work. I to,d her I'd bring her to you before we take her to the cells.


"Very well, bring her into the light," Suepta said, without looking up.

The Lt drug Cayo to the Yellow Sister's left side, where the light was best.Suepta barely noticed the round faced creature with her dirty clothes and swollen stomach. She began to delve, muttering while she did."She does have an injury. An old one, the bones were crushed in her knee, but have
fused. Not worth my time. Does it cause you pain, girl?"


Cayo, afraid her story was about to
be overturned, began to wail loudly. "Oh yes, yes. He crushed my leg. The

"Silly girl. Do not trifle with Aes Sedai, your injury is old and you know it and ... "She broke off, eyes a little wider, then narrowing in suspicion. Looking at Cayo for the first time.Cayo stared back. Her pretend crying ceasing, forgetting anything else.

"Look at me girl. Look at my broach"

Cayo felt she had no choice and was drawn to the broach on the yellow fringed shawl. A broach that seemed to change
colors the longer she stared."You know she's lying, don't you Sister. Thank you Suepta Sedai. We'll take her off your hands


"Oh this girl is going to a cell, Lt Kindade, but not one of yours."

"What?" Kindade and Cayo said simultaneously."This girl can learn to channel. I can sense it. She'll be in a Novice cell before midnight."

"Light cursed I will!", said Cayo. Her voice steel and steady. She glanced around and
headed for a window over a cabinet in the corner like a darting viper. She barely went two paces however, before she was wrapped in air and brought back to Suepta.

"Girl. I have no doubt your life has been hard. You're obviously a beggar and a thief. You'll do good to
put that behind you, you are about to become an Initiate of the Tower. What's
your name?"

Cayo felt she had no choice but to answer. "Cayo, Aes Sedai. Cayo Isthane."

"Well Cayo Isthane. Do you want to enter the White Tower on your own power, or wrapped in air?"


Cayo tried to spit, but a moment before she could, a wad of nothing pushed itself into her open mouth."Very well, Decision made. Lt Kindade. Get this man a splint and a bandage. Thank you, and close your mouth, this is now Aes Sedai business."

"Uh, yes, Aes Sedai," said Kindade coming out of his daze. "Right away, Aes Sedai. So you'll
take responsibility for this urchin?" Suepta didn't respond. She turned and with weaves of air, directed Cayo towards the waiting Tower ... And a new





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