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Returning BT bio for Tai'Dashan - No CC

Arath Faringal

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Character Name: Tai'Dashan

Age: 26

Place of Origin: Mayne

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5'11

Weight: 130

At 26 years of age, Tai'Dashan is of average height. From
Mayene, he is a generally handsome man with dark hair and startlingly blue eyes.
The kind that have gained him both favor and trouble, when it came to women, in
the past. He was born to his Mother, an averagely wealthy jewelry merchant In

He adopted the family business, at the age of 16, when his mother
was killed in an alley one night. It is believed she was murdered by an
unsatisfied customer. His father is of obscure origins. Although what Tai'Dashan
can peice together from his mother, he may have been a man of high standing,
i.e. a nobleman or possibly a winged gaurd. Around the time his mother was
killed, Tai met Aria. A young fisherman's daughter who became his lover. she
spent three years with him and then told him suddenly one day that she was
leaving. He tried to ask her why, to appologize for something he may have done.
But to no avail, she set off out of his life without a backwards glance or a
reason why. He later found, that she had set off with an Ogier friend to see the
world. Aria later tracked Tai to the Black Tower, and lived there with him
briefly before being murdered by Tenim Wulwind, a Storm Leader cronie of the
crazed M'Hael Brent Enios. Tenim met a similar end by Tai's hands shortly

As a young boy he had seen an Aes Sedai pass in the street and
told his mother he wanted to channel. She responded that his desire to channel
was perversion and he should speak of it no more. Thus at 26 with a small
fortune he had saved to purchase an estate of his own to settle down, Tai'Dashan
headed to the Black Tower to test, and hopefully fulfil his dreams of
channelling to stop the darkness in the world, like the murder of his

After joining the black tower, Tai rose through the ranks to
Asha'man. He met and befriended Arath Faringal. Together they saw much of the
Tower change over time, the Taint eventually giving Tai a peculiar split
personality (which he calls Chaos), which Arath helped him tame after a fashion,
when Chaos actually took over Tai for a bit. Tai'Dashan met and gave oath to the
Dragon Reborn himself, and after participating in disrupting the crazed (and
very possibly gone over to the shadow) M'hael was raised to an Attack Leader.

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