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Approved CoL Bio for Guion Hamarind - CC'd by FL


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Your Handle at DM: claireducky

Character Name: Guion Hamarind

Division: Hand of the Light (Inquisitor)

Character’s Age: 49

Place of Birth or Raising: Cairhien


Physical Description: Like most Cairhienin, Guion is short and trim. He has unremarkable brown hair that plasters itself to his forehead when he sweats, which is frequently. His thin frame belies the fact that he has a wiry strength. His dark brown eyes are commanding, and his smile has enough of a leer to it that it makes most anyone nervous to have that smile directed at him.


History:  Guion come from a minor house in Cairhien, a house with too many sons. As the 2nd or 3rd son, he may have stood a chance of inheriting an estate to support himself with. But Guion was the 5th son, and that was too many for the small estates of House Hamarind to support. Guion was sent out into the world to seek his fortune, with naught but a small coin purse, his horse and the instructions to not bring shame to the House.


Being a pragmatic sort of young man, Guion decided to travel to Amador to join the Children of the Light. Becoming a Child of the Light was an honorable calling, one that would not likely shame his family, and one that may even bring honor to it if he rose high in the ranks. Besides, it was a guaranteed warm bed and hot meal every day, which was better than most people had.


Guion could have joined with the Children he saw in towns along the way, but he held back, watching them and observing the kind of people they were. It was always best to know the lion before you lay down with it, as his mother had always said. Of course, she had been talking about marrying an Andoran, as her sister had done, but the same principles applied here.


From watching the Children he came across (discreetly, of course), Guion learned two important things: The Children were no different than any other people-- no better, and no worse. They had bad seeds and shining examples of humanity. The other thing he learned is that Power is placed where people believe it to be. The Children of the Light only had power over the masses because the people believed that they possessed that power. For a young man who had never had any power before, the ability to *will* yourself into Power was an attractive quality indeed.


And so Guion finally arrived in Amador, presenting himself at the Fortress of Light at the tender age of 19.


Since Joining:


Following his initial training period, Guion entered the Hand of the Light. He could immediately see that the Hand was where the true power stemmed from within the Children. While not particularly zealous or a fervent believer, Guion made an excellent Questioner. His pragmatic nature lent itself to digging out the truth, and he was frequently called upon to judge disputes among Children and the public. While he wasn't the most skilled at torture, his more humane methods had an even success rate of confessions when compared to those who flayed their victims to the bone.


As an Arbiter, Guion was called upon to judge a very difficult case, one in which a Captain had been accused of being a Darkfriend. Many Children would have immediately condemned anyone accused, but Guion knew that things were not always so cut and dried. After days of painful interrogation with the Captain, Guion finally came to the conclusion that the man was innocent.


Innocence was not always a popular verdict with the masses, especially those who had a taste for the gore of public executions. However, Guion was lucky enough that the High Inquisitor valued Truth above all. He was raised to Inquisitor for his actions in the trial of Captain Mardun, and the Captain himself was promoted to Lord Captain some five years later. They became friends after the ordeal they shared, an odd thing for an Inquisitor to have friends, especially outside of their order.


Guion now trains younger members of the Hand in the mysteries of the Truth and the Light. As a former noble from Cairhien, he is also sometimes called to lecture on Daes Dae'mar to initiates of the Eyes of the Light.  He performs these duties ably, knowing that the most straightforward path to power is sometimes more effective than deception. One day, he knows that his performance at his post will lead him to the position of High Inquisitor. It may not be tomorrow, or any time soon, but Guion is content to wait.

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Just wondering if "she had been talking about Taringail's ill-fated marriage with Morgase of Andor" is a reference to the book. I'm not sure of the spellings of names and the details of pasts in such, but the "Morgase of Andor" if its a reference to Elyane's mother will need be changed.

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