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The Black Tower's Valentines' Fair - For the Love of the Shadow has ended.

Ithillian Turambar

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Roll up, roll up for all the fun of the Fair - albeit in a slightly dark and Shadowy fashion. Starting on February 1st, the Shadow are proud to bring you an Event of epic romantical proportions :baalzamon::wub:.


This most excellent selection of games, activites and discussions will take place in The Village, with the exception of our Montague vs Capulet themed Hunger Games - which will be open to all and on the Main BT Board. But for the rest ... well you will need to be a member of the BT to participate.


But it's so easy to be a part of this ... simply venture here: http://www.dragonmount.com/forums/topic/67430-new-and-returning-members-sign-up-here/page-13?do=findComment&comment=2667435 and post that you want to join, and we will pounce and feed you Tainted Brownies until the voices start to ask you 'Why you didn't join ages ago?'.


And to tempt you further ... here is what we have on offer:



The BT 2nd Hunger Games: Montagues vs Capulets: Hosted by Chuckles - GAME STILL ON!


The M'Hael's Balefire Booth - Come and help us unravel the Threads of the Pattern and experience the power of Balefire!Closed and then Balefired and Closed again.


Scorcha's Lynch the Lovers - A hangman game ... and a quiz too!- GAME STILL ON!


The Ithilfinn's Door of Romantical Destiny ... Step through the Doorway and pay the price to learn if Love is in your future - Now CLOSED


Cypid's Tunnel of Shadowy Love ... Annonnnymmous ... anonymmous ... Secret Love Messages. Cyan is ready to pass them on for you and encourage your romantical thoughts - Closing soon


What is Love? [Discussion] - Our own Nyanna will lead a Discussion on all things Love related - Closing soon


Love to Spam! - A solo or team Spam Game. Create a doomed/funny or happily ever after love story using gifs and images and win prizes/points! NOW CLOSED


The Shadow Valentine's Ball - Nyanna welcomes you to our Valentine's Ball - a chance to put on your most fabulous outfit ... there are rumours there will be dancing :smile:



It is open now and waiting for you to visit. Come along and drag a friend with you, preferably a live friend and not a body in a sack :unsure:


And you will earn BT Points ... lots of points - for participating, playing, joining in and sometimes winning!





Links will be updated as the Threads go Live :)

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Good idea.


*Opens a gateway and piles more paperwork onto the Miss M'Hael's desk*


*splutters and surfaces from a sea of papers*


Nahhhh I'll behave for once Pandy :P I don't mess around with offical events unless I'm supposed to :)

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