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Now Hiring: Assistant RP Group Leader - Open to all DMers


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The Children of the Light are now hiring for an Assistant Group Leader!


What we're looking for: An active, savvy person who knows how to spin a good tale and manage others.


You don't have to be a current RPer, but if you have writing experience, that is very helpful.




Have at least 7 hours per week to dedicate to the division, writing RPs, helping new members, training others, and checking biographies.


Have a wicked sense of humor :)


Must be willing to write and RP as a Child of the Light.


We are looking to grow this group up from the ground, and I need someone who is dedicated, hardworking and loves to help others. A passionate hate for the Aes Sedai is always helpful, too. ;)


To Apply:


Please send your application to CoTLDiv@dragonmount.com with the following information, and "AGL Application" in the subject line:


Your handle at DM

Best way to contact you

How long you've been a member

Are you staff anywhere else at DM, and if so, where?

Do you have other management experience, either in Real Life or online?

Are you good at herding cats?

Do you have writing experience?

Do you currently RP, and if so, where and what characters do you play?

Do you have at least 7 hours per week to dedicate to the RP Group?

What ideas do you have for the future of the Children of the Light RP Group?


Applications will be accepted through February 16th, at which point they will be closed and interviews will begin.


Please post here with any questions!

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