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Question and Answer Thread


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Ok, you have questions, we have answers!


I will try to cover some of the more frequently asked questions here, but if you don't see your question here, please reply below to ask!



Can women be in the Children?

Yes, they can!  While we don't see any female children on screen in the series, we are non-discriminatory here in the RP, and believe in woman power! You can be a tinker, tailor, soldier OR spy in the Children!


Can Children marry?

Yes, Children of the Light can marry AND have a family. Just look at Geofram Bornhald and his son in the series for an example of multiple generations in the Children.


Are all Children evil?

Nah, only like 75% of us. :D  Seriously though, not all of us are crazed zealots. Just like most humans, Children run the gamut from humble and mild to quite insane.


Can a Child of the Light be a Darkfriend?

Yes, although we like to think we are immune from the Shadow. 


How many characters can I have?

You can have up to 7 characters in this RP group. 2 in each Division (Army, Hand, or Eyes of the Light), who can advance through the ranks, and one "Non-traditional" character who will not advance through ranks (like a civilian, spouse, servant, cook, blacksmith, etc).


What are the different Divisions?

The divisions are the Army of the Light, the Hand of the Light, and the Eyes of the Light. The Army is our military might, comprised of units of highly trained lancers, swordsmen, bowmen and crossbowmen. The Army is the driving force behind our success. The Hand (the Questioners) is our unit dedicated to interrogation, crime, arbitration, judgement, and punishment. They handle everything from land disputes to Darkfriend executions. The Eyes are our stealthy unity of scouts, rangers and spies. They are masters of disguise, politics, and sneaking.


Do you have a website?

Sure do, it can be found HERE.


How do I join?

Read this thread to learn the 4 easy steps to becoming Awesome (aka a Child of the Light)


How do I become Lord Captain Commander/High Inquisitor/The Creator?

Slow down there, Bobby. Before you can become Grand High Muckety Muck of anything, you have to advance through the ranks. Learn how HERE.


What is your favorite color?

White, of course. (We're lying, it's really purple, but White looks better on most people, so that's what we went with)


What is your quest?

To prevent the next Trolloc War by uniting the nations against the Shadow. (We think it's a modest plan.)

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It's dependent on Rank. There's no set amount of leave written in stone, but use these as guidelines:


New Recruits get no Freedays. Think of this time as boot camp.

Child/Seeker/Scouts get 1 Freeday per week, and around two weeks of leave a year.

2nd Tier get 1 Freeday per week and up to a month of leave a year.

3rd Tier get 1 Freeday per week and up to two months of leave a year.

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