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Weapon Scores in the Children


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The WS is a number from 0 to 20, indicating your general level of skill and ability with handling weapons. Note that this is more a measure of skill, than of any physical strength; as such, Trollocs, Ogier, and other distinctly non-human characters may have WS which do not completely reflect their overall fighting abilities.


Thus, for situations involving these characters, or other situations where more than pure skill influences the outcome of the fight (such as character knowledge or ignorance of the terrain, aid from other characters, channeling, or other biased fights) the outcome of the fight should be discussed between the RPers involved, as this will produce a more accurate result than pure reliance on the WS system.

The WS ranges from 0, completely unskilled, to 20, for the most superlative fighter in the world. The chart below will help find you see how your character stands, in terms of the general population. Note also that the WS system is nearly exponential; an increase of 1 WS is a doubling of the character’s skill, and also the amount of time spent to reach that level.


In the Children of the Light, raw Recruits will begin with a WS of 2. In the event of an exceptionally written bio, a character may be awarded with a WS of up to 4 for their Recruit. If a character is taking advantage of the amnesty and starting their character at the 2nd Tier, they may have a max starting WS of 7.Returning or Existing Children taking advantage of the amnesty are advanced to 3rd Tier, with a Max starting WS of 10.


The advancement programs within the Children contain requirements designed to help the character increase their weapon score, particularly those within the Army of the Light. You will be notified if your WS has increased after a required class. If you wish to increase your score beyond that, you must do roleplays on your own or with groups to increase it. Please contact the RP Group Leader for ideas and suggestions.


Some IMPORTANT clarifications:

1. Credit for the completion of a WS RP:
--Story must be completed and reported on your character's thread on the Progress Report child board. A RP can't count both for WS and RP character development, with the exception of a few Weapon-related required classes. So keep that in mind and specifically state so if you want it counted towards your character's WS.
--Minimum of 4 posts
--A Post must be at least 200 Words Long.

2. Every WS is specific to a weapon. If you have a WS of 10 with the axe, it doesn't mean you have a WS of 10 with a long sword.

3. You may RP using different weapons. However, you may only have one main weapon that will hold your highest WS. If you take on a secondary weapon it can only rise as high as 3 WS points less than your main weapon WS at any given time. If you take to a third weapon, then that one can go as high as 3 WS points less than your WS in your secondary weapon and so on.

Example: if your main weapon is a long sword and it stands at a WS of 9 currently, then if you take on a bow as a secondary weapon you can only go up to 6. Once you raise your WS in the sword you can raise up your WS in the bow. But always with a 3 WS points difference. This is done to prevent the creation of a super warrior that can use any weapon with a high proficiency.

4. All CotL characters are able to get as high as a WS of 14 in their main weapon. There is a limited number of slots for a WS of 15 and above. You may petition for a slot if you want to get across the 14 WS barrier, along with a detailed description of what RPs you plan to do with the increase in your character's proficiency. The CotL RGL will grant approval pending on availability and at his/her own discretion.



Weapon Scores

Tier 1 Unskilled

0 – The character has no experience with weapons.
1 – The character can probably hold a weapon without hurting themself.
2 -
3 – The character has begun some training in the use of weapons, and can wave the weapon at stationary opponents with a reasonable expectation of doing damage.
4 – The character can spar against their teacher without disgracing themself.
5 – The character knows the basic properties and uses of the weapon.

Tier 2 Soldiers

6 – The rank of the average member of an army.
7 – The character has enough experience to fight reliably in group formations.
8 -
9 – The character can spar another person, with a reasonable expectation of winning.
10 – The character is skilled enough with a weapon to teach others the basics of using that weapon.

Tier 3 Elite

11 – The character not only trains other people, but leads them in combat.
12 – The character can spar against two other people, and expect to win.
13 – Somewhere between WS 13 and WS 16, the character can begin to earn a Heron-mark, depending on the strictness of their teacher.
14 -
15 – The character possesses the highest rank possible for those who do not spend every day training with a sword.

Tier 4 Unsurpassed

16 – The character is recognized as a master of their weapon, by all who know their skill.
17 – The character can fight any five normal warriors, and win.
18 -
19 – The character can fight and defeat any five normal warriors, without taking a scratch.
20 – Literally, the best and most skilled in the world.

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