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So, you've decided that the world's most elite military force is for you! Great!  Just reply below for usergroup access and to get started.


If you haven't read these threads already, head on over to check them out:


All About the Children of the Light

How to Join the Children of the Light (including Bio Guidelines)

How to Advance in the Ranks

Recent Changes in the Children (AKA Why We're Awesomer Than Ever)

The Amnesty

Weapon Scores

The Dice System

Question & Answer Thread





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I think I might make a Child...question as I write my bio...how do the Children recruit? If there are a group of children in town, can you join the tanks by speaking with them?


Yes, you definitely can, although you will not likely stay with that group for long. All recruits must study for a time at the Fortress of the Light, and so you would likely be sent there with other recruits and a Child to watch over you along the way to Amador.

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Id like to join for sure! If thats a possibility could i get a conformation PM sent?


I'm the new RGL - I'll work on getting some things together to get you added, but I'm still figuring out how to do things.  I ask that you be patient.  You may want to begin working on a Bio for your character.  See the pinned threads above for guidelines and feel free to PM me any questions.

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