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[Discussion - Jan/Feb] Humor and Real Life


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Hey Lighties and Shadowies alike!


Once again, I apologize for my absence, but we have a great topic on tap for the end of Jan - Feb, and a great guest mod: our very on Talya! 


The idea is this: Humor has been around since men could write on walls. You know darn well someone made fun of Grak for the first drawing of a Giraffe ever made, and humor has evolved ever since. In 2013, we're a society of factions still, like it or not. People still find themselves segregated by race, beliefs, sexual preference, location, and everything from what you don't like to eat to which sports team you root for. So, where does humor fit into this? I've heard many comedians discuss the healing powers of comedy, and how being able to take a joke about a serious issue can help lighten the issue itself's power over a group of people. 


I for one, agree with this totally.


But how about you? What do you think? Are there topics that are just not appropriate? Are there people out there taking themselves too seriously? Is this whole concept bogus?


Please, review the rules before you respond:


1. DO NOT POST until Talya has posted, please! she will kick things off.


2. Please review rule 1 again.


3. Please be respectful to everyone. General DM and BT rules obviously apply here! We're going to be discussing some sensitive aspects of people's lives, and we still want to be considerate.


4. PLEASE post your thoughts! Discussions are greater the more people weigh in and actually discuss the topic! (Who knew?)


Annnnndddd now.... heeeerrreeeee's Talya!

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Why thank you so much Random for inviting me, this sounds like a fantastic discussion. 

I agree, humour has a lot to do with where, how you were brought up. Culture is especially important. I think above all else humour is one of the most important things you have. It is good for your health to laugh. 


Having spent many years in some kind of uniform and have been asked to deal some not very nice situation, humour has been very important for helping me through. The culture in these worlds can sometimes seem cruel and heartless, especially when something bad has happened, but it has been that humour which helps take away the horror of what you have just dealt with. People on the outside would think you didn't care, but I think unless you have been through it, you don't realise how that humour, that moment of relief that you can still laugh is part of the healing process. I don't think you can take life too seriously, otherwise it will drag you down. 


I love to laugh and when I'm not having a good day and friends are there and make you laugh, life seems a whole lot better. 

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This is a great topic. I have thought about it today. I guess it´s a lot about timing and who says what. We have a stand up comedian who is so funny. He makes a lot of jokes about immigrants and especially about Muslims. But the reason it´s funny is because he is Muslim himself and is able to joke about stereotypes. I think that if I had a heard a person that is not Muslim make the same jokes I would not have seen it as funny, maybe even thought that it was a very racist joke.


It´s the same when it comes to me. I can make fun of myself and I don´t care if people that I know do the same. But if someone that didn´t know me made jokes about me I would not find it funny at all. So again, it´s about what, when and who.


HI will think a little more about this and write more later on.

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Of course, we laugh at you all the time. :laugh: 


I have been thinking some more about this and I think that there is a lot of common ways to joke that I really don´t like. Maybe I take things too serious. For example - jokes about how men and women are. Yes, sometimes I laugh and sometimes I make a jokes like that. But it´s all about stereotypes and I really don´t like being put into a box. I believe that some of these jokes actually strengthens the stereotypes (I hope you know what I mean because I don´t find the right words). So it´s obvious that I think some men/women jokes are fun and some are not fun at all. What is the difference? I don´t know. Maybe the situation decides it, maybe it´s my mood at the moment? I think I need to think about this some more.

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I think sometimes, you get an idea that deep down that person means those jokes and that's why they aren't funny. Someone you know to be male chauvinistic (or female), makes a stereotypical joke, it can grate rather than make you laugh. 


Led, we find you hilarious too....mybe not in the same way  :wink:

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Humour.. It's a Really wierd thing.. It's almost harder to know what type of joke is appropriate at what time/to what person then it is to perform a wavelength analysis of hydrogen light.


There are numerous times that I reaaaaaaalllly botch a joke.. I just hate when that happens. The problem is that I pretty much love all types of humour, light, dark, sarcastic, etc.

And after a lifetime it gets harder to distinguish the different type of jokes, they all become just "jokes" in the end. Sorry to anyone who I might offend in the future xP

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Considering I'm the class clown, you guys can guess I like laughing and making jokes (I mean read my handle one more time), true I lurv joking! But there is a time and place for everything and jokes imho most of all, some people get eaisly offended, or take things too seriously, where as others are the exact opposite, finding the balance between both is the hardest part...


And another factor I've noticed (in my class) is since we are mixed with the girls, there are a fewer jokes made, (I mean most jokes between guy and guy isn't something you want the girls to hear) but the few that are made are either funny or filled with such a language that the girls don't know what they words mean (which they then proceed to TRY to get the meaning from me).



But humor is important, in the words of some (I think) made up quote

"A day without laughter is a day wasted"


(Google it)



*backs away*

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I think it's hard sometimes to get across humour on forums. I have a very dry sense of humour and it is hard to get this across. I can be sarcastic as well ... >.> sometimes! haha. 


Smilies help when on line though! but sometimes you forget and people can take something the wrong way!

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I believe that humor is about both the teller and the listener, what can be funny from one person to another can be a horrible personal attack in a different group. On a personal level though, there is no joke that goes to far or will offend. Been through too much not to laugh at what life shows us all.

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