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Capulet vs Montague Hunger Games [sign-up's closed]


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As part of our upcoming Shadow Valentine's Fair, welcome to the sign ups for our BT 2nd Hunger Games - appropriately themed around Romeo and Juliet.
(yes im hoping for the same ending too :P)

The Rules.

1. There will be Days and Nights, but each will only be 24 hours exactly ... although Day 1 might be a few hours longer. This will be a fast and dangerous game. Inactive people will probably end up dead fast.

Days are for negotiating and building alliances / planning attacks. In the Night, people will die. The time chosen for the Deadline will be the same every night, regardless of when I post scenes, and will be chosen to best suit me. I will try to post scenes as soon as possible after deadlines have passed though - if I don't Ithi will kill me and then it's game over for everyone.

2. There will be Alignments but the Rules say this is a Last Man Standing Game. (read the scene) Montagues probably don't want a Capulet to win and vice versa - cos you get more points if someone from your side wins. Feel free to reveal, not reveal or lie your head off about which Family you are from. Family Alignment will NOT be revealed upon death. So die for your Family, live for yourself - the choice is yours.

3. There will be No Special Roles. Everyone will have the same abilities as detailed below. There will be two Special Characters however. One Romeo and One Juliet. Again, there are more points on offer if your Family's Special Character wins. To reveal or not reveal - that is the question.

4. You may forge alliances if you wish, but the rules say there can only be one winner - so expect betrayal.

5. There will be no Lynches or Day Actions. Night Actions will occur simultaneously.

6. You can edit all you like. This is NOT Mafia

7. If you want to send a PM to another player, MSN, Skype, telephone or set up a QT to build alliances and plot then feel free - include me for the chuckles maybe?
(see what i did there)
You can contact who you like because at the end of Day the rules say only one person will win.

8. There will generally be no secrets in this game, both the Dead and those who killed them will be revealed, unless you use a secret kill and it is successful, however Family Names and the Death of the two Special Characters will NOT be confirmed ... until the game has completely ended.

9. Everyone has the same Choice of Night Actions which MUST be submitted via your official Night Action PM:

A. Kill
B. Protect Self
C. Protect Another
D. 1 Shot Hard Kill
E. 1 Shot Hard Protect
F. 2 Shot Secret Kill

*Please be aware that multiple Kills on the same Player will be classed as a Hard Kill unless there is a Hard Protect in place or an equal amount of normal Protects are in place. Hard Protect stops everything - both Hard Kills and Multiple Kills.

10. There will be NO posting after death. Not even a Bah post. Dead is dead.
Points to be awarded.

30 points for the Mod
25 points for overall winner
20 points for runner up
15 Points for players with the same alignment as the winner
10 Points for all other active players
5 points for those who drop out

Plus a potential bonus of +5 points for the whole of their Family, including themselves, if either of the Special Characters win.

May the odds taint ever be in your favor

Players (hopefully at least 20)

1. Ithi
2. Turin
3. Mish
4. Lenlo
5. Tina
6. Hallia
7. AJ
8. Time
9. Dice
10. Starry
11. BB
12. Ley
13. Cyan
14. Maw
15. BG
16. Cloud
17. Rand
18. Nya
19. LZM
20. Player
21. Pank
22. Darthe
23. Tsukibana Pandy (or arez)

24. ED

(well i can always add more if people want to join)

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