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As you already know, I´m not very good at computers. Now I have a new problem. *sigh* Maybe someone can help me? It started some weeks ago, suddenly everything went down and the computer restarted. It happened several times but I just started all over again and that usually worked. Then it went into some sort of safety mode and all the icons went a lot bigger than they are normally. But after one or two restarts that went away too. Now it shuts down as soon as I start the computer. There is a text showing that says something about that I have a program that I need to get rid of but the text disappears before I can read it all. So my conclusion is that I need to remove a program - but how do I know what program? I don´t think I have downloaded any new recently but there are some that upgrades a little now and then. Two months ago I got a new modem. I really hope that is not the problem. I have done a virus scan but I don´t seem to have any virus. 


And another question: I have Firefox on that computer and I have a spell checker that belongs to it.  I use Chrome on my work lap top (the one I´m using now) and I need an English spell check for this too. How do I do?


Thankful for all possible help!

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YAY!!!! my quote  :biggrin: .

Have you backed-up your important files recently? Because I am a fan of dropping a nuke on the computer.

Also, what Operating System are you using, and had you done anything/installed anything new when this problem started.

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I'm going to assume you are logged in as root. (the primary account is called 'root' or 'admin', although it's NOT the Administrator account)

1) Start menu.

2) Hover mouse over 'Computer' and right click.

3) Select 'Manage'.

4) In the left-most window, select 'Device Manager'.

5) In the center window, click the little white triangle to the left of 'Network adapters'.

6) Right click the first item to appear below 'Network Adapter', and select 'Update Driver Software'.

7) Select 'Search Automatically for updated driver software'.


do steps 6 and 7 for each item that appeared in the sub-menu.

let me know the results.

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I haven´t used my computer for four or five days. It took a long time for it to start. Everything is bigger - the icons etc.


First I did a new virus scan but there are no viruses. I use Avast, which I have heard is a good anti virus program.


Then I did what you said I should. I had three items and when I did what you told me I got the message that they were already up to date  or something like that. What to do now?

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Yeah, have been browsing the site for probably five or six months but only recently created my account and started posting in a few places. Saw your post in the 'posts since last visit' page and thought I'd try to help.


You said it has not happened so far today, is that in the normal screen or on the one with larger icons, which from the sound of things was safe mode... Was there any message on the screen before it shut down or did it just power off?

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Nice that you decided to join DM. It´s a great place. If you want to know more about the BT just let me know. :)


I did not choose safe mode when I started the computer but maybe it is safe mode anyway because I have all those big icons. (It´s not only the icons that are big - everything is.)


There was a message a few times but it disappeared so quickly that I didn´t get the time to see what it said. The whole screen was black with white text, like the one where you start before Windows start.

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Click on the start menu, then click on control panel and make sure that 'View by:' in the upper right corner is set to Large Icons (Small Icons works too). After you have done this click on Administrative Tools and then double click Event Viewer to open it. Look in the Application and System subsections of the Windows Logs area and see if there are any Warning (Yellow triangle with ! in it) or Error (Red Circle with ! in it) logs around the times that it was having issues. If you find an error or warning that re-occurs around the time(s) the system restarted/shut down then copy it from the event viewer and paste it here as it should give some clue as to what program/device is causing the system to malfunction.

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