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[Album Review] Teenage Dream by Katy Perry - Pop


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Teenage Dream by Katy Perry (Pop)




Song List:


1. Teenage Dream- 3:49 (Rate: 9)

2. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)- 3:52 (Rate: 10)

3. California Gurls feat. Snoop Dog- 3:57 (Rate: 8)

4. Firework- 3:50 (Rate: 8)

5. Peacock- 3:53 (Rate: 7)

6. Circle the Drain- 4:34 (Rate: 7)

7. The One That Got Away- 3:49 (Rate: 10)

8. E.T.-  3:28 (Rate: 9)

9. Who Am I Living For?- 4:11 (Rate: 9)

10. Pearl- 4:10 (Rate: 10)

11. Hummingbird Heartbeat- 3:34 (Rate: 8)

12. Not Like the Movies- 4:03 (Rate: 6.5)


Overall Rating: 8


Teenage Dream is a well known album, especially for teens, by Katy Perry. Music on this album comes from different varieties of rock and pop. ABBA, a Swedish music group that was popular in the 1970's, helped to influence some of the music on here. Katy Perry is popular with a lot of teenage girls and moms, as well as some boys. The first Katy Perry song I heard was Hot and Cold when I was ten or thereabouts, and my brother (who hates music) asked my mom to turn up the radio. Ever since, I've liked most of her songs. The song E.T. was also sung featuring Kanye West, and while I personally don't care for Kanye West, I thought they did a very good job. The reason I like most of her songs is that I can relate to them. I've gone through low self-confidence, being depressed, and partying with friends.


The album starts with the title, Teenage Dream, and includes some pop sounds at the beginning. It then moves on to Katy Perry singing about things that a teenage girl dreams about getting. She describes how a guy saying or doing things to show that he things she's beautiful no matter what and that he loves her brings up confidence as well as make her happy. The next two songs, Last Friday Night and California Gurls, are really upbeat and fun songs to party to. Firework and Pearl convey a message in their own way by telling people that they're unique, don't let anybody bring you down, and live life to the fullest you can. E.T. describes seeing something or someone new, while Who Am I Living For talks about overcoming obstacles.The One That Got Away is kind of a sad song that talks about losing someone special to you and how you have regrets and wishing you'd done things differently. When the album was re-released, a couple more tracks like Part of Me and Wide Awake were added, but for now, I'm sticking with the original.


Music Videos:


1. (PG13 content in this one)


3. (PG13 content) California Gurls



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Not a big fan of current pop (maybe an understatement, like saying Egwene is not fond of the Seanchan), but I enjoy the quality of Katy Perry's voice. Her backstory is kind of intriguing as well. She doesn't need someone to use autotune to make her go from crappy to hip. Still not a huge fan of her songs, but she is one of the few modern pop singers who won't earn an automatic change of station. I guess it also probably helps that my wife likes her music too, enough that Firework got stuck in my head too often for a while!  :rolleyes: I'll admit thought that part of my distaste of some of her songs are the titles, so I guess that is more on the song-writers themselves (spelling of gurls, and when I hear "Teenage Dream" it just makes me thing of "wet dream").


Honest question for you then about E.T.... does Kanye actually sing, or does he mask his voice by talking or auto tune? What is the song about? (The movie, or something else?) The title intrigues me.  :rolleyes:

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haha they played Firework too much so that eventually I got sick of it... he pitches his voice somewhat differently, but because he's a rap artist, I'd say that he doesn't actually sing... they also use electronics in this song, but that's one of the reasons I like it... it makes it sound like it actually could be from somewhere other than Earth... it's hard to explain what it's about exactly, but it has nothing to do with the movie... it's about new things being intriguing I guess... here's a link to the music video for it, but it does drop the f bomb at least once that I know of... 

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