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The Ultimate Mafia Showdown - Town Wins

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I had 31 but apparently annexed those before switching documents.


We lost the town triple voter, the symp, and the psychiatrist.





  1. Santa Claus (Folklore): Upon
    his death Christmas comes and 2/3 of the players gain their next ability

Gift: ability instantly activates,
becomes Vanilla.




  1. Rand Al' Thor (The Wheel
    of Time): Jack of all Trades: Gains either Instakill, Doctor, Cop, or
    Role-Cop ability each night randomly.

gift: gains him the ability
Balefire: Instakill x1 which also restarts the phase it is used in




  1. Richard Rahl (The Sword of
    Truth): LD

Gift: vengeful kill



  1. Titania (A Midsummer
    Night’s Dream) Mason 


  1. Vin (Mistborn): mason


            gift:  if one is given a santa gift the other
becomes a beloved townie




  1. Liam Neeson (Actor): Strong
    Willed Cop

gift:  1x full role-cop addition




  1. Gregory House (House M.D.):

Gift: Protection also protects
individual from all other actions





  1. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars):
    tree stump

gift: a single vote carries over
unto death



  1. Woodstock (Peanuts): can
    null a vote on a train, once per day

gift: make an individual
unlynchable 1x



  1. Queen Elizabeth (History):
    May make herself immune to lynch once

gift: Lightning Bolt X1



  1. Mr. Rogers (Mr. Rogers
    Neighborhood): friendly neighbor

gift: roleblocks the person on the
night they receive the message.



  1. Lassie (Lassie): PR: vote,
    *bark*, quote, use emoticons.  You
    must do these each day  

Gift: innocent child (What is it
boy, is Jimmy stuck in a well?), cannot regularly post anymore during day



  1. Cthulu (The Cthulu
    Mythos): Dreaming God, selects one of five abilities to use.  Once these five are used you are
    vanilla.  You may only use one per
    day at most.  Your choices are:
    psychological, manipulative, time sensory, plaguing, or diversity.  You may only choose each ability once.

gift: a sixth choice, restful.


Player isn’t told what effects do:

every player becomes vanilla for the day

all players require one less vote to be lynched

Sensory: the deadline is extended by a day

Plaguing: one member of the game
is randomly poisoned and will die in three days.

Diversity: three people have their
abilities doubled for the following night

Restful: two people are protected
for the next day/night




  1. Princess Buttercup (The Princess
    Bride): foolish town, at L-1 you automatically hammer yourself

gift: become regular town



  1. *Lois Lane (Superman): vanilla

gift: become reporter


  1. Oracle (The Matrix): 1x
    oracle (no alignment related)

Gift: 1x oracle


  1. Sansa Stark (Game of
    Thrones): Vanilla

Gift: motivator (the person you
motivate is rb’d the next night however)


  1. Mahatma Gandhi
    (Historical): Anonymous voter x2

gift: you may sacrifice yourself
to save another player one night of your choice


  1. J.K. Rowling (Author):
    beloved townie

gift: become a regular townie


  1. Jeff Goldbloom (Actor): vanilla

Gift: power absorber (cannot
absorb kills)


  1. Emperor Tiberius Julius
    Caesar Augustus (Historical): redoubler, every two votes on you increase
    the power of your vote by 1

gift: gladiator x1








  1. Ishmael Forsaken
    (Dragonmount): Godfatherizer – Selects one person nightly that will be
    viewed as town regardless of alignment. 
    Cannot use ability on a person more than twice in a row.  Cannot be used on someone that has been
    viewed by cop.

 gift : can also make a townie be viewed as
mafia 1(2?)x



  1. Witch King of Angmar (Lord
    of the Rings): Absorber to Ishmael Forsaken. Personal win of outliving all
    female characters. 

gift: can view a character each
night to see if they are male or female




  1. Mystique (X-Men): any
    player she targets she gains the abilities of for a day and night
    phase.  Is viewed as that player in
    role and alignment for the phases. 
    Can only use ability 2x

gift: a third use of your power




  1. Tsar Ivan IV (Historical):
    targets one player nightly who is both roleblocked for the night and
    silenced for the next day phase, may not target the same individual twice in
    a row

gift: choose a player that you may
instakill anytime.  Mercilessly, I might
add.  It will be known this was done by
Ivan the Terrible.



  1. Mechagodzilla (Godzilla): Mafia
    anti-JoaT: Doctor, roleblock, Instakill, Vote Control

gift: extra use of ability for the


  1. Hannibal Lector
    (Hannibal): night killer (your team’s NK will be penalized if you die
    without killing one of your targets: The gifter, the purebred, or the
    token child.

Janitor X2

Lassie, Token.  Penalty is team kill only
works every 2 of 3 days)



Solo Kill





  1. Alucard (Hellsing
    Ultimate): Bloodsucker; Hammer a person and gain some part of their abilities,
    permanent Night Kill.  Twice you may
    select a kill that you wish to absorb part of the abilities of.  This means that the person you kill will
    gain you some of their power.  You
    may only use one kill per night. 
    You win by surviving to the final 3 people. 

gift: Your next kill gains you
that person’s exact ability





Game Rules:


  1.  Read everything I write.  I wouldn’t write it if it didn’t matter
    to you in some way.  My scenes may
    contain flavor completely unrelated to any character in the game or may
    present vastly helpful clues for you. 
    Most likely each scene will contain both.


  1. Mafia is fully intended to
    be rough, mean, and manipulative in nature.  By all means, use that to your
    advantage.  If you find yourself
    truly offended by another player’s words then message me and we will
    discuss or take actions as needed.


  1. I expect you to be active
    in this game if you are playing in it. 
    A post within each day an night cycle is required to remain in the
    game.  Failure to live up to this
    will result in your horrific and untimely death.


  1.  I will only replace you if there is a
    person willing to be your replacement within 48 hours of your inactivity
    after a single poke.  You will
    receive that poke if you do not post within three phases.  LOA’s are completely acceptable so long
    as you warn me and the thread.


  1. This is not a basic mafia
    game by any extent of the imagination. 
    Nonetheless I encourage and recommend that you join this game
    regardless of your experience with Mafia. 


  1. Any and all actions in
    this game are taken in based on natural action resolution (http://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Natural_Action_Resolution)
    during the night and based on submission time during the day.


  1. Votes do not need to be
    red.  Votes do not need to be
    bold.  Votes do need to be
    distinguished entirely from the rest of your posts and at the bottom of
    the post.  You do not need to unvote
    before voting another player.  This
    is to compensate for individuals playing on their phones.  You may still vote in red and bold if
    you wish.



  1. You may never quote
    anything that I say privately to you. 
    This will result in a mod-kill.


  1. I rule this game and what
    I say goes.  I promise that I will
    be fair to you and the game at all times.


  1. When you die you may no
    longer post.  The exception to this
    is a “bah” post.  It is not allowed
    to reveal game pertinent information or to state anything potentially
    influential towards the game.  Doing
    so will cost your team.


  1. Any and all things that
    are outside the spirit of the game (such as revealing your mafia team upon
    death, being personally insulting towards other players or myself,
    consistently not following the rules, faking RL things, etc) will result
    in your immediate death and a ban from playing in games that I host in the


  1. The day period will last
    72 hours.  In the event of an
    impending holiday or weekend it may be extended 24 extra hours.  Night will last 24 hours
    regardless.  No actions designated
    for these times will be accepted outside of these times. 


13.  You
may edit any and all posts to your heart’s content!


  1. GFY!


  1. One more thing.  Occasionally one person is going to go
    Ultimate.  It is not fully random
    but will be given to a random player of whichever team does best over a period
    of time.  Needless to say, it will
    be awesome and has the potential to turn the tide of the game.  Play well.



Private Game





Special Roles:


Lassie PR:
cannot speak regularly during day


Foolish town:
votes itself at L-1


can make another person a GF for a night


drains the type of power that person is (ie: investigative, passive, etc)


Gifter: grants
a person a permanent new ability, grants 2/3 of living people one upon death
(or all if 1/3 already have their powers)


Redoubler: For
every two votes on you, your vote is stronger by 1

Darthe(4): Lenlo, BG, Ishy, Ed

Lenlo (3):


Darthe (7)
Lenlo, BG, Ishy, Ed, Wes, Ithi, Kate



Compulsive Liar:
Silvertongue able to be found by psychiatrist


Sacrifice: Kill
themselves to skip night once



Neccesary information:


Hidden mechanic: one gift is unlocked daily and nightly and
that is the “Ultimate” ability.  It is
stated as being occasional to protect the mafia.    Current marks are: 22 Town, 7 mafia, 1 solo

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And third party you were. Third parties should be killed.


But town would also have won if the third party would not have been killed...

You realize your making the exact same argument I made in WW2, except telling the truth right?

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Whats a tree stump, and why is obi-wan suddenly vegetable matter?


They can continue to post after death.  One with the force yadayadayada bad endings to movies.

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Hi, I am just posting here because I miss this freaking awesome game.


Also, as a reminder: The second one is probably about five months out and...



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oh god this game was fun but i dont know if i can play the next one, i have mid terms then or around the time (not sure yet)

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