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Brandon Sanderson, 36-volume fantasy series/setting | Discussion

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I haven't actually read any of his books yet, but I'm so looking forward to this whole Cosmere thing, seems like a super ambitious task!


Anybody got any suggestions on where to start? I was thinking on starting with Elantris.


I'd say start with either the Mistborn Trilogy or the Stormlight Archive (the way of kings). Those are going to be longer series, and I'd say are more so his flagship books.


Elantris, Warbreaker, are also worth reading.


TSA is probably going to be the closest to the WoT, as it is his Epic Fantasy, and it's very well done.


Thanks! I think i'll start with Mistborn, I like the idea of having something complete to read :)


I've been wanting to read The Stormlight Archive for quite some time, but I was thinking of leaving it until he's released a few more? After waiting such a long time for A Memory of Light, I'm done with the feeling of anticipation for the rest of my life I think :P

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