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Hey Nya I has a lovely pressie for yoo :)


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*cutie creature looks at Nya ShadowyStormLeader with big adorable eyes for a few seconds before sinking it's tooth into her arm*


The venom of the creature known as the Floppy Green Thing causes it's victim's heart to go into a cuteattack even as the poision slowly puts them into a very deep sleep. Unfortunately your heart melted, which wasn't part of the plan, but you should find yourself feeling wobbly in a moment :) 


*injects Nya with a dose of forkroot just for good measure*


Sorry, taking over the Shadow isn't easy :P But you can keep the Floppy Green Thing once you wake up. As long as you don't squish it too hard it won't bite you :wink: And I'll get you a new heart as well to replace the melted one :rolleyes:


*carefully puts the nowsleeping Nya back in her room, dusts her hands and walks away*


One down. One to go.

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Well done Cyan XD mucho devious!


(btw, thankyou! Such a cute liddle cutiepie :)


(Also, I already have a Heart that won't melt :sooopunny: :laugh: but thanks)






Fank yoos :)


And your welcome XD I saw it and was like awwwww I gotta do something with this :P It likes to eat hot coals :nod:


I actually thought of that as soon as I pressed post :tongue:

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