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Beware ... She comes! And she has a big stick. Shadow Training for Cyan

Ithillian Turambar

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Ithillian checked through the reports on her desk. They were ... disturbing, but in the Shadow that was a good thing. It was clear that this one had already gone way past the need to pounce on random Lighties however.


It was good timing that Cyan had come to her Office now, considering the notable absences recently. This could turn out to be most fortuitous indeed. She turned to look at the Shadow Dedicated who was standing before her, pretending to be all well behaved and stuff.


So ... Shadow Training hmmm? I think we can dispense with the usual warm up and move straight onto the main event. With the M'Hael and StormLeader Nya being a little more absent than usual - now is the time to strike. If planned carefully we could totally stage a coup and take over the whole of the SHADOW!! Bwahahahahahaha! :baalzamon: Obviously I plan to be the one in charge at the end, but I'm sure you wont mind that.


So your Shadow Training is simple. Using cunning, humour, a great sense of timing and all of your Shadowy Charm, take out the Shadow Management so that the RIGHTFUL RULER CAN TAKE THEIR PLACE. Even morer Bwahahahahahaha!


At least three attacks please, and make them all unique and different.


Thank you, make sure you close the door on the way out.

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Well if she wants to casually take out any Lighties that get in her way, I'm certainly not going to stop her :smile: unless you are challenging me lol.


Why are you in the Shadow StormLeader's office anyways? Did you find out about Kudaran? :unsure: I totally had nothing to do with it. Honest :baalzamon:

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I've known him a bit back before I went on a journey for some important things, but I haven't seen him yet in those two, three days I'm back. Which wouldn't be too unexpected, actually. The Black Tower is quite big, so you won't see everyone every day.


Oh, yeah, and Cyan wouldn't casually take any Lighties out that got in her way. They'd take her out.

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*sticks a baby eel in Ley's ear as she hurries into Ithi's office* Spam. It has corrupted my soul. Not that there was much of a soul left to corrupt but anyways :rolleyes:


*smiles innocently* This shall be carried out as you command. The Shadow rulers shall fall :) and I'll have a splendid time doing it.


Ley if you feel left out I can always kill you too :smile:

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Ithi can you balefire him plese? He's stalking me >.>


Also I'll set my plan in action a bit later as I'm sorta spammed out at the moment XD (who knew such a think was possible?)


I'd like a cup of tea as well if I may :)

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I already used up my Balefire quota today.


But I can't Balefire in OP Battles is true. I guess I could have bought a Tiger Sa'Angreal last time I got to 500 points - but no-one ever battles me anyways so I just increased my normal Levels instead.


I should open up my Office more regularly.




Feel free to chill out and stuff.


*pours tea for Cyan and Tsuki also*

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