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Hello everyone, and mia culpa


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Hello everyone,


I just wanted to first say that I'm deeply sorry for being on such an extended LOA. It was sudden, it was extended, and I'm sorry. I've missed you all very much. I have had a drastically increased workload, DM still won't load on my phone, and my band has been playing a lot more live shows lately.


Then, I picked up AMoL 3 days ago... and I finished it last night. I must say, I'm stunned. I'm not going to post any spoilers here, and if you comment with spoilers, please tag them as such. What I"m stunned at is that I know now... 17 years ago, in the 6th grade, I read The Great Hunt. (My friend didn't have EoTW, but wanted me to read it bad enough that I started there) Ever since, i've been hooked. Re-reading the series every time a new book came out, and sometimes doing so if one wasn't coming out. I have grown up knowing and loving these characters, and continuing on this journey.


Now, I'm kind of numb. I loved AMoL, and will discuss that gladly, but it's shocking to think that the story, the world, the people and the intrigue Jordan crafted have played their part. I know the ending. I'm glad, but saddened as well.


Anyway, I'm back, and will check in as often as I can. After speaking with Tina, I plan to stay on as Storm Leader of the Light, and will do my part to carry that title well.

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