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Who's Banner would you Ride into the Last Battle Under?

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Lan Mandragoran (Malkier)


Rand Al'Thor (Dragonsworn)


Matrim Cauthon (Band of the Red Hand or Ever Victorious Army)


Perrin Aybara (The Wolf Guard)


Horn of Valere (100 Companions)

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Well it depends. I do not like the evil the Shadow do, however I am a bit on the side of Ishmael, I do think that a world that just repeat and repeat where free will is an illusion and fate is set and you can not change it so you are just a puppet for the Wheel and where none of your actions ever matter since the next third age you will be doing it all again, destroying such a world might be a good thing, and total destruction and oblivion might be preferable to continued slavery to a world without free will, So I might ride on the side of the Shadow.


If I where to go with the Light however it would be for the Tower or for the Dragon, those are the two choices that makes sense to me.

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Also add in:


Galad (Whitecloaks)

Elayne (Andor)

Rodel Ituralde (Or is he Dragonsworn now?)

Any of the Borderlander armies (or are they also Dragonsworn?)


There are a lot of independant armies/nations out there. Are the Seafolk considered Rand's?


Anyway, for myself, I'd go for Mat. Chances are good lots of people will die, even under Mat, but you gotta think they'd be better odds with him, what with his memories and his luck.

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Mat Bloody Cauthon is who it would be. Best general out there. Best chance at victory. It would be wherever he is. I wouldn't ride in the Band under Talmanes or Estean. And I wouldn't want to be under Galgan's command. It would have to be right where Mat is.

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