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White Ajah Murder Mystery: Who Killed Egwene?

Mashiara Sedai

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You are correct, Cadsuane, I cannot say the same because I do not have a paralis net and never have. I am interested, however, to hear your speculations on the chain that was found, since you believe there is more to it than meets the eye.

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Cadsuane, it's not very convienient.... and Egwene may have been the only witness, but it my raising was recorded in the Tower Records... *Nynaeve raised her chin a bit*


Aes Sedai can't lie or write anything that is a lie, so Egwene's written testimony on my raising should prove that I was raised.

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"Phaw, Moiraine... that blue jewel of yours that Elaida so cleverly pulled from her pocket may not be a paralysis net, but it certainly was attached by gold."


Cadsuane turns to Elaida...


"And where exactly did you find that blue jewel of Moirain's again? How handy for you it appeared in your pocket." 

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Moiraine's eyes turned to Elaida.


I'm interested in that, as well, especially as I left my jewel in the Amyrlin's possession. I saw her slip it into her belt pouch as soon as I gave it to her to study. So, Elaida, how did it get from the Amyrlin's belt pouch into your pocket?

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As I said before, I picked it up off the floor when I entered after my summons, and then put it in my pocket until I could present it here to you all, I mean where else would you have me keep it?

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Gawyn walked forward into the group of people.  All fell silent as he approached.  In a calm and deadly voice, he said, "I know who did this.  The evidence is clear."


Sarene walked up to him and placed a hand on his arm.  "Don't let your emotions get in the way, Gawyn.  Let's allow everyone to voice their suspicions first."


Glaring at those gathered, Gawyn reluctantly nodded to the Aes Sedai.  Knowing the guilty person and not being able to get his vengeance irked, but he could be patient.  In only a few more moments, he could strike down the one who did this to his beloved Egwene.



This concludes the Final Round!  Instructions for the Accusation Round will be sent to you shortly.

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I think it was Elaida.


Using her conveniently missing vial, I think she poisoned the Egwene, and has been plannng this for a while. She wasn't expecting her to fight back though, the window was broken by Egwene dagger and damaged the stole the once wore in a struggle before Egwene died. I think she took Moraine's jewel, as I don't see how she could have picked it up from Egwene's body when we all entered here as she claims.


She also has the multiple accusations of being a dark friend to answer.

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I also think it was Elaida...


Her happening to "find" Moiraine's jewel which was supposed to be in Egwene's pocket as well as her supposedly missing vial being filled with poison is all too convenient for me... I think that in a fit of rage, she tried to grab the Amyrlin's stole, and in effect ripped it some, causing it to become frayed. The fact that her vial was filled with poison as well as the fact that she can't seem to look directly at Rand because he's alight when it has been proven that Darkfriends cannot look at him because he brings light to their shadowed eyes proves to me that she has killed Egwene!

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Hmm Elaida you are a dark friend and of course despicable but there are bad people who don't serve the Dark One.


There are many potential guilty faces in this room

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I think that after all of this, I have come to conclude that it is Egeanin.  She is a Seanchan who would be the most after Egwene, and she had to be contacting the assassins to kill Egwene, since that was their job.

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I agree that Elaida is the most suspicious.  The vial, the chain, and now proof that she is a darkfriend? What more do we need?

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I also think that is is Elaida reasons others have already said. You backstabbing hag. Did you have to make up for the fact that you didn't manage to kill me? That an 18-year old girl did what you never could have?

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Although the clues are stacked against me and I appear to be the obvious one, I feel it was a two person deal. I think it was Siuan and
Laras. They both had access to herbs errr poisons and her food.

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I dislike and mistrust a package so neatly tied up and presented with a bow on it. Elaida is the obvious suspect, yes. However, I prefer going over all the evidence again and looking at inconsistencies.


We’ve heard when everyone saw her last but several of you originally lied when you responded.


Siaun, you originally said you weren’t sure – possibly sometime within the last week. However, when pressed, you admitted you saw her just before noon the day she was killed, in front of the whole Hall, and that she publically berated you.


Laras, you said you last saw the Amyrlin when she asked you to bring her tea. You then claimed you sent a maid with it only to admit later you took her tea and midday meal yourself.


Elayne, you claimed to have seen her last yesterday but then later admitted to seeing her today after she was already dead but chose not to report it.


Cadsuane, you claimed the last time you saw her was a breakfast but then you, too, later admitted having seen her after she was dead and not reporting it.


Another lie we have heard is from the Seanchan. Egeanin, first you claim to have been stripped of name and rank and use that as a defense. I quote: “And you, cook, are lucky that I have been stripped of my rank and are of no import of the empire.” Yet later you say the Empress reinstated your name and rank, and I quote: “I have been reinstated to the Blood” and you claim the Empress sent you to be a liaison between Seanchan and the Tower. Yet, Mat tells us that you had been ordered to locate one of the assasins she sent here for no other purpose than to kill the Amyrlin.


And Elaida – when asked about how the vial came to be here, you intimated that it was left here from your time as Amyrlin. That is when you pulled my focus from your pocket, which you claim to have found on the floor. If it had been on the floor when Sarene Sedai and Gawyn were examining the scene, would they not have seen it there, lying in plain sight? Then we later find the vial contained poison and the same poison was used, along with forkroot, on the Amyrlin. Add to that the impression that you seem to be a Darkfriend based on your reaction to the Dragon Reborn. Still . . . murderer or no, you have that charge to answer to.


But the actual murderer . . . that is not so easy to pinpoint. Just because I mistrust the obvious and easy answer doesn’t mean it’s an incorrect answer. Elaida had motive in resentment and revenge and, as a Darkfriend, surely she had orders from the Dark One himself.


But is it actually a case of the actual murderer or murderers taking advantage of her known bitterness?


Or could it have been Elaida and someone else, perhaps working independently; one using forkroot and the other poison? Perhaps the one who used forkroot didn’t realize the Mother had been poisoned so administered forkroot and then strangled her.


I would hear others’ thoughts before I draw any conclusions and make any accusation, in case someone else thought of or caught something said that I did not.


(Edited to correct a grammar error)

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Im going to break the trend and say it was Egeanin and Laras working together. I dont know why they were working together but they were

Both lied out right. Laras knew Egeanin was of the blood before anyone else (to me that suggests she knew Egeanin was rasied for killing Egwene most likely). She put the forkroot in the food and drink then Egeanin finished her off with the poison. Could of got the poison from Eliada at anytime with the bloodknife ter angrael. Laras could of got it at anytime cos she has access


Egeanin saw Cadsuane there so she herself had to of been there before Cadsuane




Rand - could of used the pattern or TP to off Egwene (mentinos 2 killers and i think thats a hint)

Siuan - verifies moiraine (i think)

Galad - Loves Egwene too much

Cadsuane - would of used her ter angrael instead of forkroot since it leaves no trace

Nynaeve - would of lied about the poison if it was her

Moiraine - verifies Siuan (I think)

Mat - would of used her ter angrael instead of forkroot since it leaves no trace

Logain -

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Gawyn looked around the room, eying the suspects named.


"That's five votes for Elaida.  Three for Egeanin.  Two for Laras.  One for Siuan."


Sarene nodded in agreement.  "If we do not reach a majority, I'm afraid the killer will walk free.  It take a majority to convict by Tower Law."


Gawyn growled low in his throat.  No one would be walking free, he would see to that.



Get your final votes in, everyone who's left! (Cadsuane, Rand, Moiriane, and Egeanin)

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Well, I am still quite unsure but the most guilty suspect seems to be Elaida

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But if we execute the wrong person or persons, the killer(s) will still walk free . . . 


I believe it is possible that more than one person is involved.  My main suspects at the moment are Elaida and Egeanin.  Both lied outright.  Yet Egeanin at one time was sympathetic to the cause of channelers and Elaida has ever been ambitious.


However, so as not to hold up the dispensing of justice, I will also name Elaida as murderer and may the Creator have mercy on her soul . . . and on mine if I am wrong.

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I keep glancing back over this, and thinking that there has to be something else hidden.





The fact that Elaida is Black Ajah, and that Laras follows Aes Sedai commands... I think that it was the two of them, although perhaps Laras went along not knowing much.

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Sarene's face became cool and impassive.  "That's eight votes for Elaida.  Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan, you are hereby judged guilty for the murder of Egwene al'Vere, the Watcher of the Seals, the Flame of Tar Valon, the Amyrlin Seat.  According to Tower Law, you will hereby be Stilled and put out of the Tower."

Gawyn quivered with anger.  Put out of the Tower?  Where was the punishment in that?  Using all his Warder skill and grace, he rushed at the Black Aes Sedai and had his blade to her throat before anyone could think to channel at him.  With one quick motion, he separated the woman's head from her body.  She crumpled to the floor in a bloody heap.

Not surprisingly, flows of Air wrapped him up tightly, but the deed was done.  Egwene's death had been avenged and now he could die in peace.

"Gawyn!" Sarene yelled, her Aes Sedai composure completely gone.  "What have you done?"

"What was right, Sarene Sedai.  I would not allow Egwene's murderer to simply be Stilled and exiled.  Egwene deserved vengeance."

"Vengeance must be handled within the Law, Gawyn!  Surely your mother, the Queen, taught you that."

"I care nothing for the Law, or for my own life.  I needed to see Egwene's killer dead."  He practically spat the words.

"Gawyn, there's no—"  Sarene was cut off as Moiraine collapsed to the ground on the outskirts of the group.  All attention focused on the fallen Aes Sedai, though Gawyn was still held in Air.

"Nynaeve, delve her," Sarene commanded. 

Nynaeve tugged on her braid, but did as told.  Nynaeve pulled back with a start.  "She… she's been given forkroot tea.  She collapsed from it."

"Forkroot?" Sarene asked.  "When did Moiraine drink forkroot?  Quickly, Nynaeve, Heal her and rouse her."

Nynaeve complied, and within a few moments, Moiraine's eyes fluttered open.

"When did you drink forkroot?" Sarene asked the Blue Sister.

"I held on to consciousness as long as I could.  I didn't realize the Amyrlin's food had forkroot in it until after I drank the tea."

There were gasps around the room.  "What are you saying, Moiraine?  You ate the midday meal with the Amyrlin?"


"Then it was you who killed her?"

There was silence for a few moments, then Moiraine said, "Yes."

"NO!" Gawyn screamed.  He struggled against the invisible bonds that held him.  He needed to kill the one who did this to Egwene.  The rage inside him, recently quieted, flared again.

"Confess, Moiraine," Sarene said, more than a hint of anger in her voice.  "You've just allowed an innocent to be killed in your place.  What have you to say for yourself?"

"The Aelfinn told me that Logain had to be Tamyrlin before the Last Battle or all was lost.  I dedicated my life to preparing for the Last Battle, and I wouldn't see it come to ruin just because Egwene refused to step down.  I asked her to.  I told her the prophecy.  She refused.  I said once that I would kill anyone I must to make sure the Dark One didn't win."

"How did you do it?"

"Last night when I saw the Amyrlin, she asked to study my kesiera.  I gave it to her and she pocketed it.  But, I asked her if she could study it now, while I was there, and then I could take it back with me.  She obliged.  So while she looked over it, I told her about the Aelfinn.  She thought I had misinterpreted their words.  She gave me back my kesiera and I left, but asked if I could see her at noon the next day.

"I knew Eliada was Black Ajah from the start, so I knew she would have poison on her.  It's one of their rules.  They can drink it if they are caught and avoid answering questions.  I stole it from her room.

"When I went to see Egwene this afternoon, as I poured the tea, I slipped the liquid into her cup.  She drank it and realized I must have put something into it.  She reached for me, grabbing my kesiera, breaking it across the floor.  I retreated from her reach and she pulled out her belt knife.  She was weak by that point, and when she went to throw it, it slipped from her grasp, flying backwards out the window. 

"I knew Gawyn would be coming, so I didn't have time to grab the gold chain or the kesiera from the around the Amyrlin.  I ran."


"What of the forkroot?" Sarene asked.  "If the murderer didn't add it to the Amyrlin's food, who did?"


Laras stepped forward.  "I did.  I've been adding a bit to her meals every day since she took over.  I never meant her any harm, I only wanted to get back at her, in some small way.  I served Siuan as Amyrlin, and she had my loyalty.  I couldn't believe this innkeeper's daughter could rise so high in power."


Sarene shook her head, sadly.  "Then you alone are guilty, Moiraine.  There would have been other ways to achieve your goal, if only you'd have talked to others about it.  Based on your confession the White Tower finds you guilty of murder.  Cadsuane, Nynaeve, link and shield her.  Call for guards.  Let's get her down to the cells to await Stilling."

Gawyn writhed against his bonds, but he knew they wouldn't let him go.  She would be Stilled, but released, and it would be his job to track her down and finish her, even if it took his entire life.




This concludes the game.  Thanks for playing, everyone!

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Well crap.



So what was everyone's secret?



Mine/Rand's was that Rand was constantly blacking out and LTT was taking over, leaving Rand with no memory.

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