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White Ajah Murder Mystery: Who Killed Egwene?

Mashiara Sedai

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Welcome to the White Ajah Winter Festival, Wheel of Time Murder Mystery Game. 
All of you have received your summons to the Hall of the Tower. You are all suspects; however, we know that all but one of you wants to find the murderer of our beloved Egwene. 
The Mods
Sarene Nemdahl - Rhea
Gawyn Trakand - Mashiara Sedai
Our word is Law. Just letting you know.
The Suspects:
Moiraine Damodred - Daruya
Siuan Sanche - Misheru Sedai
Cadsuane Melaidhrin - Leala Gymorraine
Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan - Gudrean
Nynaeve al'Meara - Wheeloftime13
Elayne Trakand - Elaevia
Rand al'Thor - Christine
Mat Cauthon - RandA lThor
Logain Ablar - Hallia
Galad Damodred - dapianoplay3r
Laras, Mistress of the Kitchens - WolfbrotherKronos
Egeanin Tamarath - blank
One of the above characters killed Egwene. You must question them and gather their statements. They will also show evidence from time to time. If you gather all of the evidence, you will be able to work out who the Murderer is and announce your findings at the end of the game.
The Rules
1. ***This is NOT a Mafia Game***
2. It is a game of discussion, questioning, reasoning, logic, skill and deduction. 
3. You cannot lie outright. *Although the Murderer can deny that they are the Murderer if asked directly.*
4. You MUST answer questions if you are asked them. 
5. Full participation is required from all players. 
6. There will be no hiding away in corners or sneaky lurking. 
7. You will be expected to post at least once every RL day. 
8. Nobody is going to try and kill you or get you kicked out of the game. Everyone will make it to the end. You just need to identify which one of you is the Murderer by using the evidence and clues. So talk away and post as many Wall'o'Texts as you like 
9. You can talk to anyone you like during the game, but do not do any direct quotes from your PM, or let people see any evidence you have before you are supposed to show it.
10. Your Character will be fully revealed and you will even get a special siggy to wear so everyone knows which character you are.
11. Acting in Character is encouraged, but not essential.
12. Shouting, accusing and having a lot of fun is also encouraged.
If you have any questions, or would like any clarification of anything during the game, feel free to PM the Mods of post here in the Thread.
Now, if you will all find a bench we can begin.
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Gawyn Trakand sent the final servant off; the man practically ran from the room, and the look in Gawyn's eyes.  No one had been allowed inside the room yet, no one but him.  He guarded the place, and the body of his beloved Egwene.


His eyes went to the place where she lay on the floor.  He hadn't touched anything, wanting to save all the evidence for one of the Aes Sedai to gather.  He didn't need to touch her to know she was dead.  The emptiness consuming him told him that—a remnant of the broken Bond.


"Gawyn," said a cool voice from the door.  Gawyn turned to see Sarene Nemdahl, a White Sister, hovering by the entryway.  It seemed like she had been selected to lead the investigation, so he nodded and she entered.


"I've sent servants to gather all those who have been in contact with Egwene this morning or last evening.  They should be here shortly."


"Very good," Sarene replied evenly.  "I will start gathering evidence before they arrive."


She wandered over to the Amyrlin's body and gently flipped her over.  Gawyn wanted to look away, but couldn't.  He needed to take in all the details, to figure out who did this.


Egwene's body lay in the Hall of the Tower, a few paces in front of the circular window that contained a stained glass representation of the Flame of Tar Valon.  Or it used to.  The window was shattered; the beautiful glass pieces clumped along the floor, though the majority of them had been flung outside by the force that broke it.


Her body appeared untouched; no gaping wounds or broken bones.  Her eyes looked slightly startled, as if her death had come as a shock.  The Amyrlin's Stole lay a few feet away, its threads torn and frayed.


A small table and two chairs sat in front of the window, the table's surface decked with tea things.  Two cups and two plates, both containing food and drink.  There were several cucumber sandwiches left on a central plate, as well as an assortment of tiny cakes, and a tea pot. 


The sound of footsteps behind him brought his eyes to the doorway.  There, the suspects began to shuffle in.  He glared at them as they entered, one by one.


Once everyone checks in, we will begin Round 1.

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Sounds Awesome, Made an account so I could be in:)


-Awaiting the final book with anticipation


Sorry, Eli Rose!  We had people sign up for this game two weeks ago, so we don't have any spots left open.  You can follow along and try to figure it out, but non-players aren't allowed to post. 

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OK...now it is working.....*grrrr* I don't know how long it will last or if it was my browser being funny....I will do my best to participate...If I don't for some reason it probably cause reply box not working again... *sigh*

That happened to me last night.  Try deleting your cookies or emptying your cache.

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I think we'll just get the game moving, everyone.



Gawyn Trakand paced the Hall of the Tower, his eyes a blazing furnace of rage.  The gathered people kept silent as they watched him stalk across the tiled floors, his boots echoing loudly through the near-empty chamber.  Occasionally, he glanced at them, just off the corner of his eye, and they flinched from the death in his gaze.  His Aes Sedai, his beloved Egwene, lay dead on the floor, and there was no containing his desire for revenge.


Finally, Sarene Sedai stood from examining the Amyrlin.  The White Sister's beauty and serenity offered sharp contrast to Gawyn's overwhelming fury.  As she approached him, he stopped, staring down at her.


"Is everyone assembled?" the Aes Sedai asked.


"Yes, Sarene Sedai," he growled in response.


"Good, good."  She shot a look to the deceased Amyrlin on the floor, then back to the gathered crowd.  She cleared her throat.  "Now, you've all been summoned for questioning in the death of Egwene al'Vere, the Watcher of the Seals, the Flame of Tar Valon, the Amyrlin Seat.  Her body was found by her Warder only an hour ago.  Each one of you has been in contact with the Amyrlin within the last day and has a motive to see her dead."


Several cries of outrage met Sarene's pronouncement.  She held up a hand, demanding quiet.  Her eyes drifted across the assembled people, each one meeting her eye before she moved onto the next.


"It would save time if the murderer would admit their crime and come forward." 


No one moved a muscle. 


"Very well," Sarene continued.  "The initial reports show that there were trace amounts of Forkroot in the Amyrlin's midday meal.  Though the knowledge of Forkroot is spreading, it is still relatively unknown.  However, each of you has been made aware of its existence." 


She nodded her head towards the six smoothed-faced women bunched to the side. "Aes Sedai have known about it for at least a year. 


"As gossip can not be stopped, servants in the Tower know as well."  Laras' bulk fidgeted a bit at this remark.


"The Asha'man," she looked to Rand al'Thor and Logain Ablar, "learned soon after, since the tea affects them as well." 


Her eyes narrowed at Matrim Cauthon and Egeanin Tamarath. "The Seanchan have been using it for ill, capturing marath'damane." 


A faint smile of appreciation curved her lips as she gazed at Galad Damodred. "And, the Whitecloaks are well versed in poisons, especially those that can hurt Aes Sedai."


Sarene's eyes glanced around the group again.  "Since we also have confirmation that you each have been inside the Tower, and summoned to the Amyrlin within the last day, one of you logically must be the culprit."


"Enough talking, Sarene," Gawyn roared.  "I demand justice!  Each of you, tell me when you last saw Egwene."


With Gawyn's death-stare on them, one by one, they stepped forward to give their account.

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*Trembling Moiraine stepped forward, adjusting her shawl* 


*Then with more confidence said* I will be the first to attest to my innocence.  I saw the Amyrlin last, last night.  I came to the Tower to see Suian.  On the way to her chambers a novice approached me and said I had been summoned by the Amyrlin.  I am sure you can find the novice who can testify to the truth of my statement.


*Then she stepped back into the goup of Aes Sedai*







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Siuan stepped forward after her old friend, eager to get this sad business over with.



I don't remember exactly when I saw her last, it was sometime in the last few days, I can't say for sure. The Amyrlin has been very busy, and she doesn't need me to help her out anymore, so I see her very little. Her voice dripped with bitterness. Gawyn, I cannot believe you would think this of me; I helped her up to where she was, why under the Light would I kill her now? She's the best Amyrlin the Tower has seen in hundreds of years!

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Cadsuane easily kept her cool as Gawyn Trakand berrated the lot of them, prowling around like a lion with a splinter stuck well into his foot.  Sarene explained why they were all there, as if the body of the girl wasn't clue enough.  There was a call for the murderer to step forward, as if that would do any good, and when predictably nothing happened to that effect, Trakand demanded to know when the last time they had all seen the girl was.  Cadsuane answered for herself.


"I breakfasted with the Amyrlin this morning," she said directly.  "If you have any doubts, you can ask one of Laras's cooks."

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